U.S. Immigration Arrests Colombian Charged with Corruption Offenses

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Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Bruce Zagaris
On June 21, 2001, U.S. immigration officials announced the arrest of Reginaldo Bray-Bohórquez, a Colombian national, accused of fleeing Colombia after allegedly stealing $14 million from the Colombian transportation agency. After his arrest, U.S. authorities transferred Bray-Bohórquez to the Krome Service Processing Center in west Miami-Dade County to await deportation. Apparently, Bray-Bohórquez, 42, served as a private contractor with the Ministry of Transport. In Bogotá the national prosecutor’s office said investigations started about two years ago connected Bray-Bohórquez to allegations of filing false job claims in transport contracts. At the time Bray-Bohórquez was an executive in a dredging company that obtain contracts from the Ministry of Transport…[more]