UK EU Presidency Issues Paper on Balance between Liberty and Security

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Sunday, January 1, 2006
Bruce Zagaris
In September 2005, the United Kingdom Presidency of the European Union (EU) issued a paper examining the appropriate balance between counter-terrorism and international human rights policies. The paper explains that the rise of organized crime, including drug and human trafficking, illegal migration and false asylum seeking, and terrorism require the EU and especially the Justice and Home Affairs Council to give real priority to dealing with these issues in a practical and systematic way. Three principle approaches are suggested. The first is to share experiences, information and resources by identifying and then targeting the threats systematically and consistently. The second principle is to strengthen the foundation of practical and pragmatic police and intelligence work, such as the agreement on the European Arrest Warrant, common rules on the penalties and definitions for terrorism, human trafficking and other serious crimes, the establishment of Europol and Eurojust to support police and judicial cooperation, and strengthening freedom to travel with the EU and establishing the European Borders Agency. The third principle is to use intelligence effectively and intelligently to target, track down, identify and convict the criminals who through terrorist violence and committing serious and organized crime threaten the security and strength of society ? [more]