Swiss Release Borodin As Prosecution Difficulties Mount

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Friday, June 1, 2001
Bruce Zagaris
On April 12, 2001, a Swiss three-judge panel released Pavel P. Borodin on $2.9 million bail and indicated their skepticism of the evidence against him. Chief Judge Martine Heyer, the head of the court panel, explained the weaknesses of the prosecution’s evidence. The panel rejected evidence introduced by Bernard Bertossa, the chief prosecutor in Geneva, that it showed membership in a criminal organization by Mr. Borodin. The court explained as other reasons for granting release that, after such a long inquiry, there existed the unlikelihood of the commission of further similar acts, and the lack of a criminal record by Borodin make the risk of flight the only factor requiring bail. Within hours of the Swiss court’s decision to grant him bail, the Russian Foreign Ministry paid the bail…[more]