Swedish Government Requests Review of 3 Somali Swedes on U.S. Terrorist List

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Friday, March 1, 2002
Bruce Zagaris
The Swedish Government has insisted, against U.S. objections, on reviewing the cases of three Somali-born Swedish citizens whom the U.S. has put on the list of terrorists in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 incidents, thereby focusing attention on the issue of the rule of law and freezing of assets of alleged terrorists. The U.S. transmitted its list of terrorist to the United Nations, where the Security Council required all member states to freeze their bank accounts and assets. Because of the requirements of the U.N. resolutions on counter-terrorism, the Swedish Government froze the accounts of Abdirisak Aden, 33; Abdulziz Abdi Ali, 44; and Yusaf Ahmed Ali, 27. Their names have also been raised by the French initiative at the U.N. to review the sanctions list. The Swedish Government has requested means to ascertain whether the three are guilty or not and how to provide some type of rule of law into reviewing the allegations of the three that they only transferred funds to their families in Somalia. The three Somali Swedes have also complained that their entire assets have been frozen without any legal recourse. The candidacy of Mr. Aden of the governing social Democratic party in elections next fall have provided additional publicity to the case.