European Union: Europol-Convention

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Tuesday, August 1, 1995
Bruce Zagaris
The Draft Europol-Convention has been the subject of long discussions within the European Union. At their meeting on June 20-21, 1995, the Council of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers agreed on the text of the draft convention, except for the provision on the role of the European Court of Justice. This matter was to be resolved at the Cannes Summit of the European Union Heads of State and Government on June 26-27, 1995. On that occasion, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg took the view that a Convention without a role for the European Court of Justice was unacceptable and they would not ask their parliaments to ratify such a convention. The United Kingdom strongly opposed to any role of the European Court in the Convention and refused any compromise on this issue. It was decided to postpone the decision on this point. The outcome of the Cannes Summit caused quite a lot of confusion...(more)