European Union: Convention on Simplified Extradition Procedures

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Monday, May 1, 1995
André Klip
On March 10, 1995, the fifteen Member States of the European Union signed a Convention on simplified extradition procedures between the Member States.1 This convention is the first concluded under the new intergovernmental structure of the Justice and Home Affairs Pillar of the Treaty of Maastricht, February 7, 1992, on European Union. The objective of the Convention is to facilitate the European Convention on Extradition of December 13, 1957 in cases where the requested person consents to extradition to another Member State of the European Union. Once arrested, the requested person will be informed of the possibility of extradition without court procedures by giving his consent. Article 7 states that the consent is only valid when it was given before a judicial authority. Every Member State is obliged to take the necessary steps to ensure that the consent will be given freely and that the requested person is aware of its consequences.…(more)