European Parliament’s Further Action on Organized Crime

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Friday, June 1, 2012
Michael Plachta
In a Resolution on organized crime in the European Union (EU) adopted on 25 October 2011[1], the European Parliament (EP) expressed its intention to set up, within three months of the adoption of this resolution, a special committee on the dissemination of criminal organizations which operate across borders, including mafias, one of whose aims will be to investigate the extent of the phenomenon and the negative social and economic impact it has throughout the EU, including the issue of the misappropriation of public funds by criminal organizations and mafias and their infiltration into the public sector, as well as the contamination of the legal economy and financial system, while another aim will be to identify a range of legislative measures in order to address this tangible and acknowledged threat to the EU and its citizens. Therefore, the EP called on the Conference of Presidents to put forward a proposal under Rule 184 of the Rules of Procedure.[2]                 [1]              Michael Plachta, European Parliament’s Stocktaking on Organized Crime, 28 International Enforcement Law Reporter (101-104) 2012.                 [2]              EP Resolution of 25 October 2011, para. 15.