EU Council Proposes Electronic Exchange of Information Between EU Law Enforcement Authorities

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Friday, November 1, 2002
Bruce Zagaris
On June 27, 2002, The council of the European Union (EU) proposed an electronic exchange of information between law enforcement authorities of the EU that will more efficiently and quickly facilitate the exchange of certain critical information for law enforcement purposes. The new Danish presidency announced its intention to implement the Action Plan in Vienna based on the political priorities and guidelines decided by the European Council and results achieved during previous presidencies, particularly the electronic exchange of information between law enforcement authorities among EU Members. The proposal will be discussed in the Police Cooperation Working Group during the second half of 2002. The council decision will be an addition development of the Schengen Agreement, particularly Article 39 and will be based on the Treaty on European Union (TEU), Article 30(1)(a0(b) and Article 345 (2)(c). Pursuant to TEU, Article 39(1), the Council will ask the European Parliament for its opinion on the Danish Proposal. The proposal calls for exploring the possible involvement of Europol as well as the possibility of using other already existing means for exchanging information, e.g., withing the framework of the Schengen cooperation and Interpol.