Crime Across the World: Is the Rule of Law Being Corrupted?

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Thursday, January 1, 1998
Bruce Zagaris
On May 22-25, 1998, the Section on General Practice, International Bar Association, is hosting the fourth seminar on the Alleged Transnational Criminal, in Vienna, Austria. Investigators, prosecutors, judges, and representatives from international organizations will lead discussions on the following issues: organized crime and human rights; war crimes, trials, and the proposed International Criminal Court; corruption -- prevention, investigation, prosecution, and punishment; the search for evidence and international cooperation; provision of a fair trial against the emotional background created by the nature of the crime. For more information, contact the International Bar Association, 271 Regent Street, London, England, W1R 7PA; (ph) +44 (0) 171 629 1206; (fax) +44 (0) 171 491 4470; (e-mail)