Colombia Reimposes Bans on Certain Drug Use and Convicts Juan David Ochoa

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Wednesday, June 1, 1994
During the beginning of June 1994, Colombia continued to undergo dynamic developments in drug control as it reasserted prohibitions on drug use in the aftermath of the decision of the Constitutional Court which held unconstitutional criminal penalties for consumption of personal amounts. Meanwhile the plea bargain of Juan David Ochoa Vasquez was completed and the Colombian Government sentenced Ochoa, who is considered a major Medellin organized narcotics trafficker, to 93 months in prison and a fine of US$200,000. Both the reimposition of prohibitions on drug use and the convictions and sentencing of the Ochoas indicate that the Colombian Government is trying simultaneously to combat drug trafficking as well as minimize the societal problems from having to battle powerful drug trafficking organizations and a raising population of addicts.