Canada Starts Extradition Hearing for Money Service Operative Suspected in Terrorism

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Monday, April 1, 2002
Bruce Zagaris
On February 11, 2002, Canada announced it world hold an extradition hearing based on U.S. requests for a Somali-born Canadian national Liban Hussein who, along with his brother Mohamed, is accused of illegally operating al Barakaat agency, a money transfer business (MSB) in the Commonewealth of Massachusetts. The MSB is accused of helping fund Osama bin Laden. In November 2002, Canada arrested Mr. Hussein on a U.S. warrant, but was quickly released on bail after the judge found no evidence concerning his involvement in any terrorist act or activity. Until now most countries in the international community have cooperated by freezing assets of al Barakaat although some countries, such as Sweden and Switzerland, have requested more evidence for persons on the list. Meanwhile, France has requested better rule of law and due process with respect to the listing of any persons on the list of financing terrorism.