Brazil Inquiry on Tax Corruption and Money Laundering Crimes

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Tuesday, July 1, 2003
Jorge Nemr
According to an article published by the paper O ESTADO DE SAO PAULO on May 12, 2003, the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (CPI) of the Tax Agents of Rio de Janeiro, conducted by the Legislative Assembly of the State, which investigated, three months, a supposed scheme of corruption and money laundering, practiced by tax agents of the State Treasury and of the Federal Treasury, which would have caused a remittance of around U.S. $30 million to Switzerland, will forward its final report to the Public Prosecution. One of the reasons for such suspicious was the great number of telephone calls exchange between some of the agents investigated and executives of those companies out of the normal working hours. Such information was obtained thanks to the breakage of the telephonic secrecy of such agents. A Swiss pharmaceutical company is among the companies suspected to have corrupted some of the investigated agents. In 1997 the company would have given U.S. $3 million to the scheme, with the purpose of having “pardoned” its fines for tax irregularities.