Australian Court Grants Bail for Fugitive Pending Extradition Due to Medical Conditions

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Saturday, January 1, 2000
Bruce Zagaris
On May 24, 1999, the Federal Court of Australia overturned denial of bail by the Magistrate on an extradition of a Hungarian national. The fugitive was T, a Hungarian national who emigrated to Australia in 1995 and acquired Australian citizenship two years later. In May 1997, Hungarian authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of T, alleging “fraud, causing considerable prejudice” contrary to the Hungarian Criminal Code. In particular, the Hungarians alleged that in 1992 T wanted to sell a holiday home that he owned jointly with his father-in-law. The prospective buyer wanted to demolish the structure on the property. T’s father-in-law did not agree to the structure’s demolition. The house subsequently was destroyed in a fire and T made an insurance claim that was paid although the insurer suspected that T may have destroyed the house. Hungarian officials arrested T on suspicion of starting the fire, but released him for lack of evidence…[more]