9th Circuit Grills Prosecutors on Human Rights Issues Surrounding Chinese Witness in "Goldfish" Drug Case

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Monday, May 1, 1995
Bruce Zagaris
On April 11, 1995, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held oral argument on the case of the so-called Goldfish heroin-smuggling case on the status of the Chinese national witness Wang Zong Xiao, who broke down during his testimony in a heroin trial to relate that his testimony was the result of torture and coercion by the Chinese prosecutors, ending his testimony and eventually after a civil action ordering that Wang not be returned to China. The appeal has a myriad of important issues including: dealing with the future of the interaction of international human rights and international criminal law; international criminal cooperation and drug diplomacy between China and the U.S.; the responsibility and accountability of the prosecutors in criminal cooperation cases; and the future of the career of the prosecutor involved in the Wang caseā€¦(more)