7 Governments Cooperate and Establish Anguillan Bank to Catch Organized Crime Operatives in Colombia and Italy

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Wednesday, February 1, 1995
Bruce Zagaris
On December 16, 1994, law enforcement officials in six countries announced an important law enforcement operation in which the United States and British Governments established a bank in Anguilla to attract money launderers of the Italian Mafia and the Colombian Cali group. The law enforcement operation, referred to as "Operation Dinero," resulted in the seizure of nine tons of cocaine in Canada and the U.S., $52 million in cash, and the arrest of 88 people, 60 of them in the U.S., 20 in Italy, and 8 in Spain. In addition, paintings by Picasso, Reynolds and Rubens were seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Internal Revenue Service...(more)