European Union Proposes to Creates European Network and Information Security Agency

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Sunday, June 1, 2003
Bruce Zagaris
On February 10, 2003, the European Commission proposed a Regulation establishing a European Network and Information Security Agency. The Agency’s goal to serve as a center of competence so that both EU Members and EU institutions can obtain advice on matters concerning cyber security. The Agency will help furnish security for Europe’s digital economy and the development of the information society generally. The Agency will assist EU Members authorities, especially their Computer Emergency Response Teams. For instance, the assistance will help ensure interoperability of information security functions in networks and information systems. According to Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner responsible for Enterprise and Information Society, the EU benefit from increased coordination between EU Members to achieve a sufficiently high level of security in all EU Members. The European Network and Information Security Agency will complement national efforts to strengthen network and information security problems Son security requirements will quickly change as networking and computing develop more and electronic communications become more ubiquitous. The Agency is scheduled to start its operations in January 2004. For preparatory work a budget is provided through the Modinis program. One of the main actions is “improvement of Network and Information Security.” The EU will conduct additional preparatory work on the framework of the Europe 2205 Action Plan, through, inter alia, financing surveys, studies, workshops on subjects such as security mechanisms and their interoperability, network reliability and protection, advanced cryptography. Privacy and security in wireless communications.