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Pres. Of Panama, Paz Zamora, Will Not Sign New Extradition Treaty With U.S. In spite of pressure exerted by the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia, President Paz Zamora confirmed on April 5, 1993 that he will not sign a new extradition treaty with the U.S. during the last months of his... 9 6 2011-09-01 United States, Bolivia Extradition, Treaties
New Waves of Organized Immigrant Smuggling Prompts U.S. To Initiate Efforts to Strengthen Enforcement Regime Against Illegal Migration On June 18, 1993, U.S. President Bill Clinton announced an initiative agent against the smuggling of illegal immigrants by crime syndicate. The U.S. Government initiative includes plans to combat... 9 6 1993-06-01 United States Immigration, Organized Crime, Smuggle, Racketeering/RICO
Operation White Paradise Dismantles International Drug Trafficking Ring On April 14, 1993, Argentinean police successfully completed Operation White Paradise, a multinational drug enforcement effort attacking drug trafficking which involved Argentina, Bolivia and Italy.... Kimberly Jeneece Jenkins 9 6 1993-06-01 Argentina Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Investigation
U.S. Aggressively Prosecutes Chinese Crime Rings and Alien Smuggling At the beginning of June 1993, several San Francisco and New York cases involved organized alien smuggling galvanized the U.S. law enforcement community to prosecute both more aggressively and... 9 6 1993-06-01 United States Law Enforcement, Smuggle, Prosecution, Asylum
EC To Establish Europol Anti-Drug Unit by July 1 On May 7, 1993, the European Community (EC) justice ministers agreed to set up the previously delayed Europol anti-drug unit beginning July 1. The EC police unit was originally scheduled to commence... Kimberly Jeneece Jenkins 9 6 1993-06-01 Europe Drugs & Trafficking, Drug Enforcement, Border Security
Ecuador Government Interrupts and Dismantles Two Drug Trafficking Groups On April 4, 1993, the Ecuador Government announced success in interrupting and dismantling the assets of two of the largest drug-trafficking organizations that had been operating in Ecuador and whose... 9 6 1993-06-01 Ecuador Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement
Research Perspectives on International Criminal Law The phrase “international criminal law” was coined by Jeremy Bentham in 1820. The very existence of such a branch of the law remained controversial until recently. It is hardly questionable today... 9 6 1993-06-01 World Drugs & Trafficking, Extradition, Genocide, Human Rights, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Jurisdiction, Money Laundering, Taxation, Terrorism
Spain Enacts Law on Drug Trafficking On December 23, 1992, Spain enacted a law on drug trafficking in accordance with its ratification of the 1988 Vienna United Nations Drug Convention. The prefatory explanation of the bill states that... 9 6 1993-06-01 Spain Drugs & Trafficking, Drug Enforcement, Legislation
Bibliography The bibliography for the International Enforcement Law Reporter is published quarterly. The bibliography will be published in July…[more] 9 6 1993-06-01 World Bibliography
The “Nigerian Connection” Is Revealed by Brazilian Police “The Nigerian Connection,” a new international drug trafficking route, was revealed on April 7, 1993 by the Federal Prison (PF, Brazilian police). Since September 1993, thirteen Nigerians and three... 9 6 1993-06-01 Nigeria Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime
Major Bust Indicates Efforts of Portugal to Combat Rising Drug Trafficking On June 1 and 2, 1993, the Judicial Police of Faro, Portugal arrested nine persons next to Olhão in the Algarve, the popular southern Portuguese resort area. The Judicial Police reported that the... On Bruce Zagaris 9 6 1993-06-01 Morocco, Portugal Terrorism, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement
IRS Warns U.S. Employers of Illegal Aliens About their Withholding and Employment Tax Obligations In its spring 1993 issue of International Tax Forum, the International Revenue Service informed taxpayers that illegal aliens must file and pay tax on any U.S. income or worldwide income in the same... 9 6 1993-06-01 United States Immigration, Taxation
New Customs Commissioner Proposes Amending Tax Law to Allow Customs Access to Tax Information On June 17, 1993, U.S. Customs Service Commissioner George Weise in testimony before the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee requested that Congress amend § 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code... 9 6 1993-06-01 United States Jurisdiction, Taxation, Customs
U.S. Agrees to Renegotiate Extradition Treaty With Mexico and to Exclude Kidnapping In an important policy reversal from the Bush Administration, the Clinton Administration has agreed to the request by the Government of Mexico to renegotiate the extradition treaty to exclude... 9 6 1993-06-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Kidnaping, Treaties, International Cooperation
Peruvian Ct. Rules Panamanian Extradition Request of Noriega Assoc. Inadmissible The Criminal Tribunal of the Supreme Court of Justice of Peru ruled that the extradition of Panamanian citizen Carlos Wittgreen, a former associate of General Manuel Antonio Noriega, was inadmissible... 9 6 1993-06-01 Peru, Panama Extradition, Terrorism, War Crimes, Genocide, Asylum
U.N. Security Council Approves Resolution to Establish War Crimes Tribunal On May 25, 1993, the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution to establish a War Crimes Tribunal. In particular, it endorsed the report of May 3, 1993 by the Secretary General and the... 9 6 1993-06-01 Former Yugoslavia United Nations, War Crimes, Prosecution, International Criminal Tribunal
Pres. Ramos Supports Extradition Treaties Within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) At the opening of the 13th Association of Southeast Asian Nations Chief of Police Conference, the President of the Philippines, Ramos, supported the establishment of bilateral investment treaties to... Kimberly Jeneece Jenkins 9 6 1993-06-01 Asia Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Law Enforcement
Senate Hearing Radiates Support for the Establishment of a Permanent International Criminal Court On May 20, 1993, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to support a joint resolution calling for U.S. support of efforts to establish a permanent court following a hearing on May 12, 1993, at... 9 6 1993-06-01 United States Money Laundering, Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking, Genocide, International Cooperation, International Criminal Court
The Germany Law of Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters In the 1990s, two factors increased the practical relevance of legal assistance in international criminal matters: the abolishment of internal borders in the European Community and the collapse of... Bertold L. Baer 9 6 1993-06-01 Germany Investigation, Prosecution, Border Security
Bulgaria Ratifies Two Council of Europe Criminal Cooperation Conventions On June 2, 1993, Bulgaria ratified two Council of Europe Conventions on Criminal Cooperation: the Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure, and Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime and the... 9 6 1993-06-01 Europe, Bulgaria Money Laundering, Corruption, Environment, Terrorism, Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Asset Seizure, International Cooperation