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U.S. Court Upholds Summons and Enforcement of Mexican Tax Request, Strengthening Validity of TIEA Procedures On May 11, 1993, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Brownsville Division, in a decision by Fileman B. Vela, upheld an IRS summons to obtain U.S. bank documents under the... Bruce Zagaris 9 5 1993-05-01 United States, Mexico Tax Enforcement, International Cooperation, Investigation
U.S. Congressional Tax Committees Press IRS to Stiffen International Tax Enforcement On April 27 and 28, 1993, the Administration ironically tried to defend their international tax enforcement plans against attack that the Administration was not doing enough. On April 27, the... 9 5 1993-05-01 United States Tax Enforcement
U.S. CFTC and Netherlands Finance Sign Mutual Enforcement Cooperation Agreement on Commodities Futures Trading On April 29, 1993, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced that it and the Netherlands Finance Ministry signed a mutual cooperation agreement concerning enforcement matters.... 9 5 1993-05-01 United States, Netherlands Fraud, International Cooperation, Investigation
Tips for Research in International Criminal Law Research in international criminal law has become increasingly convenient as the field has experienced enormous growth. This brief paper discusses tips in research from primarily a U.S. perspective.... Bruce Zagaris 9 5 1993-05-01 World Treaties, International Criminal and Comparative Law, International Law
North Cypriot Polly Peck Official Becomes Fugitive On May 4, 1993, Asil Nadir, embarrassed the British Government and the Serious Fraud Office by fleeing Britain to Northern Cyprus thereby making one of the biggest-ever scheduled fraud trial in... 9 5 1993-05-01 United Kingdom, Cyprus Fraud, Asset Seizure, Arrest, Prosecution
Organized Crime Symposium Examines Russian Organized Crime On March 9, 1993, a symposium chaired by Professor Abraham Abramovsky was held at Fordham University School of Law, on the subject of the so called Russian organized crime in the United States. The... Gregory Osinoff 9 5 1993-05-01 United States, Russia Immigration, Organized Crime
U.N. Secretary General Issues Draft War Crimes Tribunal Statute On May 3, 1993 the United Nations Secretary General released a report with an accompanying draft proposed statute to establish a War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The speed with which... 9 5 1993-05-01 Former Yugoslavia Immunity, War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, International Criminal Tribunal
Dutch and Swiss Governments Ratify Laundering Convention On May the 11, the Dutch and Swiss Governments respectively ratified the Laundering Convention. As a result, the Convention will enter into force from September 1, 1993 in respect of those States and... 9 5 1993-05-01 Europe, Switzerland, Netherlands Money Laundering, Treaties, Legislation
Korean Government to Inspect Foreign Banks for Potential Money Laundering On April 12, 1993, Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection, Yi Hoe-chang, at the National Assembly in Seoul, Korea indicated that foreign banks in Korea are a haven for black money. Mr. Yi made... Kimberly Jeneece Jenkins 9 5 1993-05-01 United States, South Korea Money Laundering, Financial Crimes, Investigation
International Money Laundering Developments During its first conference on international money laundering sponsored by Alert International in Miami on May 15-17, 1993, speakers revealed several trends of governments and international... 9 5 1993-05-01 World Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture, International Cooperation, FATF
Bangkok Human Rights Conference Adopts Declaration in Preparation for International Convention, Calling into Question International Enforcement The Asian Regional Meeting for the Second World Conference on Human Rights, which included delegates from 49 countries, was held in Bangkok from March 29 to April 2, 1993. The conference was held in... Kimberly Jeneece Jenkins 9 5 1993-05-01 World, Thailand Human Rights, Conferences, Sovereignty
CICAD Annual Meeting Decides to Establish Group to Evaluate CICAD and Recommend Future Action On March 9-12, 1993, the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) held its thirteenth annual meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica. This account... Bruce Zagaris 9 5 1993-05-01 Latin America and South America Money Laundering, Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking, Conferences, International Cooperation
Inter-American Anti-Narcotics Efforts to Increase On April 23, 1993, in Bariloche, Argentina, in a head-on attack on drug trafficking structures, 26 American countries agreed to the final declaration of the 11th International Conference on the... Kimberly Jeneece Jenkins 9 5 1993-05-01
Taiwan Progresses in Seizing Illegal Videos in Response to US Pressure On May 10, the Taiwanese Government Information Office supervised the destruction of 100,000 illegal and pirated videos and laser discs from Hong Kong, Great Britain and the U.S. The Government... 9 5 1993-05-01 Taiwan Intellectual Property
OCED Will Issue Guidelines and Begin an Initiative to Curb Bribery in International Transactions On April 27, 1993, an official of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced that the OECD is preparing a recommendation to help curb bribes in international trade and... 9 5 1993-05-01 OECD Money Laundering, Bribery, Sanctions, OECD
European Community Introduces New Enforcement Mechanisms to Fight Increasing Fraud against the Community As fraud against the Community Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the European Community generally is dramatically rising, the EC is introducing new legal forms of cooperation and new technology. On... 9 5 1993-05-01 Europe Fraud, International Cooperation, Customs, Prosecution
U.S. Issues New Antifraud Passport The United States Department of State has announced the issuance of a new antifraud passport. The new passport will have a green fabric cover rather than the blue cardboard. The inside pages will be... 9 5 1993-05-01 United States Counterfeiting, Immigration, Organized Crime, Fraud
Germany and Poland Conclude Migration Enforcement Cooperation Agreement On May 7, Interior Minister Rudolf Seiters announced that Germany has signed a treaty with Poland that day that will permit it to reject at the border and deport as many as 10,000 rejected asylum... 9 5 1993-05-01 Germany, Poland Immigration, Treaties, Border Security, Asylum
Germany and Poland Conclude Migration Enforcement Cooperation Agreement On May 7, Interior Minister Rudolf Seiters announced that Germany has signed a treaty with Poland that day that will permit it to reject at the border and deport as many as 10,000 rejected asylum... 9 5 1993-05-01
Jamaica and Caribbean Posed to Act against Criminal Deportees On May 15, 1993, Jamaican National Security and Justice Minister, Keith Knight, defended efforts by his government to enact legislation to monitor and supervise the movement of criminal deportees.... 9 5 1993-05-01 Caribbean, Jamaica Transfer of Prisoners, Deportation, Legislation