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Canada Proposes Law to Increase Penalization of Maritime Industry in Effort to Prevent Stowaways As the number of stowaways to Canada dramatically increases, the Canadian Parliament has proposed legislation, B C-86 which seeks to punish persons who do not take action to prevent te growing number... 9 2 1993-02-01 Canada Maritime, Immigration, Law Enforcement, Deportation, Legislation
European Ministers Agree on Enforcement and Criminal Action on Illegal On February 16, 1993, Interior Ministers from 35 European countries agreed to take criminal and related enforcement action against the mounting problem of illegal immigration from east to west.... 9 2 1993-02-01 Europe Immigration, Law Enforcement, Smuggle, Border Security
US Court Gives Victory to Shipowners on Stowaways Late last year Wallenius Lines won a rare court victory in U.S. District Court in Baltimore when U.S. District Judge Benson Everett Legg ruled it was unreasonable for the INS to require the ship line... 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Romania Maritime, Immigration, Border Security, Asylum
Mexico Fights to Prevent Countryman’s Execution Convicted for the murder of a policeman 10 years ago, Mexican citizen Ramon Montoya Facundo was sentenced to die by lethal injection in Texas on January 27, 1993. The Mexican Government, through its... Maureen Walsh 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Murder, Capital Punishment, Prosecution