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European Community Moves Towards Establishment of European Police Force (EUROPOL) The European Parliament is progressing towards establishing a European Police Force. On November 26, 1992, the EP tabled a report on the establishment of Europol, after the Committee on Civil... 9 2 1993-02-01 Europe Jurisdiction, Organized Crime, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Europol, Legislation
Spanish Extradition Requests for Basques in Uruguay Meets with Mixed Results Since May 1992, the Spanish Government has engaged the Uruguay Government in a series of extradition requests for more than thirty Basques living in Uruguay. The adjudication of the requests, some of... 9 2 1993-02-01 Spain, Uruguay Extradition, Terrorism, Murder
Costa Rican Court Invalidates Extradition On January 12, 1993, the Constitutional Court of Costa Rica invalidated Costa Rica’s 1982 Extradition Treaty with the United States. The invalidation occurred when the Court accepted a habeas corpus... Maureen Walsh 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Costa Rica Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties
U.S. Customs Agents’ “Sting” of Cypriots in the Bahamas and Costa Rican Supreme Court’s Invalidation of U.S. Extradition Treaty Put Pressure on U.S. Extradition Policy As the Clinton Administration begins its international criminal policy without an Attorney General, one issue that won’t await for the Administration’s attention is United States extradition policy.... 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Bahamas, Cyprus Extradition, Treaties, International Cooperation, International Crimes
Classified 1989 Justice Memo Opining Pres. Has Authority to Disregard Int’l Law Is Released to the Public After nearly four years of secrecy the Office of Legal Counsel (O.L.C.) of the Department of Justice has finally released its once classified and highly controversial memorandum that asserts the... Mark Zaid 9 2 1993-02-01 United States National Security, Terrorism, Drugs & Trafficking, Law Enforcement, International Law, Asylum
Peru Requests Extradition of Former President A contingent of Peruvian Congressmen travelled to Colombia last month to personally request the extradition of former Peruvian President Alan Garcia. The former President is accused of embezzling $... Maureen Walsh 9 2 1993-02-01 Colombia, Peru Extradition, International Law, Prosecution, Asylum
Canada Proposes Law to Increase Penalization of Maritime Industry in Effort to Prevent Stowaways As the number of stowaways to Canada dramatically increases, the Canadian Parliament has proposed legislation, B C-86 which seeks to punish persons who do not take action to prevent te growing number... 9 2 1993-02-01 Canada Maritime, Immigration, Law Enforcement, Deportation, Legislation
European Ministers Agree on Enforcement and Criminal Action on Illegal On February 16, 1993, Interior Ministers from 35 European countries agreed to take criminal and related enforcement action against the mounting problem of illegal immigration from east to west.... 9 2 1993-02-01 Europe Immigration, Law Enforcement, Smuggle, Border Security
US Court Gives Victory to Shipowners on Stowaways Late last year Wallenius Lines won a rare court victory in U.S. District Court in Baltimore when U.S. District Judge Benson Everett Legg ruled it was unreasonable for the INS to require the ship line... 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Romania Maritime, Immigration, Border Security, Asylum
Mexico Fights to Prevent Countryman’s Execution Convicted for the murder of a policeman 10 years ago, Mexican citizen Ramon Montoya Facundo was sentenced to die by lethal injection in Texas on January 27, 1993. The Mexican Government, through its... Maureen Walsh 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Murder, Capital Punishment, Prosecution
Luxembourg Court Returns Drug Money to Cartel On January 22, a ruling by the Luxembourg High Court of Justice cleared the way for the return of $36 million in alleged drug trafficking proceeds to the Colombian Cali drug cartel. The money is... 9 2 1993-02-01 Colombia, Luxembourg Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Asset Seizure, Prosecution
Clinton Admin. Steps Up Enforcement Resources While Mex. Finance Minister Starts Transfer Pricing Audits As the new year unravels, international tax enforcement will receive more attention and resources. The Clinton Administration, which used a $45 billion revenue figure during the campaign for its... 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Mexico Jurisdiction, Antitrust Cooperation , Tax Enforcement
Tension Emerges Between the U.S. and Panama over Drug-Related Money Laundering A series of incidents have coalesced to put pressure and tension between the U.S. and Panama over allegations of drug-related money laundering and corruption in Panama. Several U.S. government... Bruce Zagaris 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Panama Money Laundering, Corruption, Drugs & Trafficking, Prosecution
International Maritime Bureau Report Counsels on Avoiding Crime from the Container Cargo System In October 1992, the International Maritime Bureau published a report on container crime, Special Report Container Crime (International Chamber of Commerce International Maritime Bureau. The report... 9 2 1993-02-01 World Jurisdiction, Maritime, Drugs & Trafficking, Fraud, Theft
Pakistan Rejects US Extradition Requests in BCCI Case On February 10, 1993, the Pakistan Minister of Interior Shujaat Hussein announced that the Pakistan Government has a request from the U.S. Government to extradite to the U.S. Agha Hasan Abedi, the... 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Pakistan Extradition, Treaties
Prosecution Proceeds against Indonesia Ship Captain and Crew for Alien Smuggling During the fourth week of January 1993, indictments were returned against the captain and nine crew members, all Indonesian nationals, of a Honduran-registered breakbulk vessel for conspiracy and... 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, Indonesia Human Rights, Maritime, Smuggle, Prosecution
Trinidad and Tobago Steps Up War on Drugs In the wake of the 1988 United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Drugs, the government of Trinidad and Tobago has stepped up efforts to combat the thriving... 9 2 1993-02-01 Trinidad & Tobago Corruption, Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Law Enforcement, Legislation, Organized Crime, United Nations
Treaty Update This article gives an list of recent treaties that have been signed, including U.S. Bilateral Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties Signed by the United States, Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties Signed But... 9 2 1993-02-01 World Treaties
U.N. Votes to Establish War Crimes Tribunal On February 22, 1993, the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to establish an international tribunal to prosecute war crimes committed during the fighting in the former Yugoslav Republic. Voting... 9 2 1993-02-01 Former Yugoslavia United Nations, War Crimes, Peacekeeping, Prosecution, International Criminal Tribunal
Under U.S. Pressure China Promises to Bring Criminal Action against Textile Fraudsters On January 22, 1993, after many months of pressure, China promised to work with the U.S. to halt shipments of illegally labeled Chinese textile products and to criminally prosecute violators. At... 9 2 1993-02-01 United States, China Fraud, Prosecution