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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
U.S. Uses Creative Cooperation with China and Taiwan to Enforce Migration Laws In part due to creative efforts to educate and take action against violators of migration laws and due to cooperative efforts in China and Taiwan by law enforcement officials, United States... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States, China, Taiwan Immigration, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement
Congress Inundated with Bills on Crime and Aliens The emergence of combating crime by aliens and alien smuggling has resulted in the introduction of more than 100 immigration bills in Congress this session with more anticipated. The most active... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States Human Rights, Smuggle, Asylum
Eur. Court of Human Rights Overturns French Expulsion and Conviction of Tunisian On September 20, 1993, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that a Tunisian national’s fundamental human rights under Art. 6, sec. 3(d) were infringed when the testimony obtained before trial... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States, Tunisia Human Rights, Drugs & Trafficking, Fair Trial, Prosecution, European Court of Human Rights
Privy Council Overturn Jamaican Death Row Cases on Human Rights Grounds On November 2, 1993, in a decision that will have legal implications in Europe, the Caribbean and the Commonwealth, seven Law Lords sitting as the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the final... 9 11 1993-11-01 Jamaica Murder, Prisoner Rights, Penalties
Luxembourg Police Indicate Money Laundering Typology Trends In the current issue of the Interpol money laundering bulletin, the Luxembourg police have used four cases they have uncovered to illustrate trends in money laundering. The cases illustrate both... 9 11 1993-11-01 Luxembourg Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, Financial Crimes, Smuggle
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Calls on U.S. and Texas Governments to Take Precautionary Measures to Prevent Capital Punishment to Death-Row Inmate In an unprecedented action, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has called on the United States and Texas Governments to take provisional measures to avoid the execution of a death-row... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States Human Rights, Murder, Prisoner Rights
CICAD Progresses on the Control of Arms and Explosives Connected to Drug Trafficking On October 8, 1993, the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission, Organization of American States, issued a report in the aftermath of one of its initial seminar-workshops. The report requested... 9 11 1993-11-01 Latin America and South America, Caribbean Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation
International Human Rights and Women On October 20, 1993, Geraldine Ferraro testified before the House Subcommittee on International Security, International Organizations and Human Rights on the importance of promoting women’s rights as... Erika Ellertson Barnes 9 11 1993-11-01 United States Human Rights
Mexico Announces Support of New Anti-Drug Program Based on Demand Reduction The Government of Mexico has announced its sponsorship of a draft resolution that will be submitted to the United Nations General Assembly based on demand reduction, improvement of the efficiency of... 9 11 1993-11-01 Mexico United Nations, Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Legislation
War Crimes Tribunal or Former Yugoslavia Opens Amid Difficulties On November 17, 1993, the tribunal for war crimes in former Yugoslavia opened amid many legal, political, financial and other problems. Eleven judges took oaths that enable them to try and sentence... 9 11 1993-11-01 Former Yugoslavia United Nations, War Crimes, International Cooperation, Investigation, Prosecution, International Criminal Tribunal
The European Community’s Anti-Drug Efforts: Part 2 After providing a bibliographic survey of past anti-drug activities of the European Community, this article focuses on the possibilities of future Community activities. The underlying assumption is... Bertold L. Baer 9 11 1993-11-01 Europe European Union, Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement
Janet Reno Addresses the Need for Improved Mechanisms to Facilitate Government’s Cooperation in International Criminal Law, National Security, and Intelligence On November 19, 1993, Janet Reno, the Attorney General of the United States, discussed important issues and emerging new mechanisms between the management of international criminal law and national... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States Intelligence, Immigration, National Security, International Criminal and Comparative Law, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement
NAFTA Implementation Law Gives Customs Access to Tax Information While U.S. Defers Ratification of Israeli Tax Treaty Pending Assurances of Access to Bank Information Two developments show heightened attention to tax information exchanges. Sec. 522 of the North American Free Trade Agreement Law adopts a proposal made on October 28, 1993 by Office of Management and... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States, Israel Money Laundering, Treaties, Tax Enforcement, Customs
UN Council Enhances Sanctions against Libya for Failure to Extradite Suspects in Lockerbie Case On November 11, 1993, the Security Council voted by a vote of 11 to 0 to strengthen trade sanctions against Libya to persuade the latter to extradition the two suspects in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am... 9 11 1993-11-01 Libya Extradition, Terrorism, United Nations, Sanctions
U.S. Appellate Court Upholds Extradition to Canada and Denies Due Process Right to Speedy Trial Despite Delay of 17 Years for Extradition Request On July 21, 1993, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals by a three to zero vote upheld the extradition of American Thomas James Martin to Canada. This despite Canada’s delay of over seventeen years... 9 11 1993-11-01 Canada, United States Extradition
Switzerland Forfeits $22 Million from Hashish Trafficker and U.S. Agrees to Split Half On November 10, 1993, it was announced that five years of negotiations have resulted in the Swiss Government forfeiting $22 million in profits seized from the Swiss bank accounts of the leader of a U... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States, Switzerland Bank Secrecy, Taxation, Drugs & Trafficking, Asset Forfeiture
Appellate Court Revokes Demjanjuk Extradition Order Due to Fraud On November 17, 1993, the United State Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit revoked a 1986 extradition order against John Demjanjuk on the grounds that Justice Department attorneys committed “fraud... 9 11 1993-11-01
Canadian Court Denies U.S. Government Motion to Dismiss Suit On September 16, 1993 Judge Day of the Ontario Court of Justice denied a motion of the United States Government and other defendants, requesting dismissal of the lawsuit brought by a victim of a... 9 11 1993-11-01 Canada, United States Kidnaping, Law Enforcement, Customs
Appellate Court Revokes Demjanjuk Extradition Order Due to Fraud On November 17, 1993, the United State Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit revoked a 1986 extradition order against John Demjanjuk on the grounds that Justice Department attorneys committed “fraud... 9 11 1993-11-01 United States Extradition, Deportation, Prosecution
Bibliography The next Bibliography will appear in the January issue of the International Enforcement Law Reporter. 9 11 1993-11-01 World Bibliography