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OAS Inter-American Juridical Committee Unanimously Opines that US Supreme Court’s Opinion in Alvarez-Machain Contravenes International Law In a decision released September 1, 1992, the Inter-American Juridical Committee, Organization of American States, in a vote of nine to zero with one abstention has issued an opinion that the... 8 9 1992-09-01 Latin America and South America, North America, United States International Cooperation, International Law, Jurisdiction, Kidnaping, Sovereignty
Panama Attorney General Publicly Concedes Right of U.S. to Try Panamanian Citizens Wanted for Killing in Panama of a U.S. Solider On August 24, the Panamanian Attorney General Rogelio Cruz stated that the persons involved in the killing of U.S. soldier Zak Hernandez could possibly be tried in a U.S. court if they are... 8 9 1992-09-01 Panama, United States Drug Enforcement, Extradition, Jurisdiction, Prosecution, Rendition
Colombia Denies Extradition Request from Panama for Noriega’s Spokesman On August 21, 1992, the Colombian Government denied a request for the extradition to Panama of former Panamanian Colonel Eduardo Lopez Grimaldo and ordered his immediate release. On June 29,... 8 9 1992-09-01 Colombia, Panama Extradition
Sweden Release Ex-CIA Agent On August 25, 1992, Swedish authorities released from custody Edward Lee Howard, the only former Central Intelligence Agency officer to defect to the Soviet Union, thereby frustrating again the... 8 9 1992-09-01 Russia, Sweden, United States Central Intelligence Agency, Espionage, Extradition, Fugitive, Investigation, Treaties
Oversight Hearings on Operations of the Border Patrol On August 5, 1992, the Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on International Law, Immigration and Refugees held an Oversight Hearing on the Operations of the Border Patrol. This article... 8 9 1992-09-01 United States Border Security, Drug Enforcement, Human Rights, Immigration, Legislation
U.S. and Mexico Hold 12th Annual Attorney General Border Conference On September 9 – 11, 1992, the United States-Mexico Twelfth Annual Attorneys General Border Conference discussed recent successes in implementing the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Treaty and... 8 9 1992-09-01 Mexico, United States Asset Forfeiture, Border Security, Conferences, Drugs & Trafficking, Environment, Money Laundering, Mutual Legal Assistance, Training
Agreement to Ban Protection, Use & Stockpiling of Chemical Weapons Is Reached On September 3, 1992, the thirty-nine-member Conference on Disarmament reached agreement on a 190-page draft treaty that would ban signatory states from using, producing or stockpiling poisonous gas... 8 9 1992-09-01 World Chemicals Smuggle, Conferences, National Security, Treaties, Weapons of Mass Destruction
American Bar Association Group Presses Enforcement of International Human Rights The Human Rights Subcommittee, Inter-American Law Committee, Section of International Law & Practice, American Bar Association has two projects to support enforcement efforts of international... 8 9 1992-09-01 Central America, United States Human Rights
GAO Recommends Strengthening the Implementation of Environmental Agreements Since Enforcement of International Environment Law Is a Major Theme of the U.N. General Assembly The United States General Accounting Office (GAO) has recommended the strengthening of international environmental enforcement agreements since the 47th United Nations General Assembly, which opened... 8 9 1992-09-01 United States United Nations
GAO Report Evaluates New Compliance Efforts of Mexico on Maquiladora and Other Foreign Investment As Mexico prepares for the North America Free Trade Agreement, it is making wholesale improvements in the enforcement of its environmental laws. Nevertheless, none of the six U.S. majority-owned... 8 9 1992-09-01 Mexico, United States Environment, International Cooperation, Legislation, Regulation
U.N. Working Group Moves International Criminal Tribunal Proposal Forward On July 6, 1992, the United Nations General Assembly received a report from a Working group on an International Criminal Jurisdiction that, inter alia, reviewed the bases for the establishment of an... 8 9 1992-09-01 World International Criminal Court, Jurisdiction, Prosecution, Treaties, United Nations
Institute of Chartered Accountants Appoints A Committee on Inquiry to Examine Members Conduct in BCCI The Executive Committee of the Joint Disciplinary Scheme, at the request of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, has appointed a Committee of Inquiry to examine the conduct... 8 9 1992-09-01 United Kingdom Banking Supervision, Financial Crimes, Investigation, Prosecution
American Bar Association Endorses the Establishment of an International Crime Court Fair Trial, Human Rights, International Criminal Court, Jurisdiction, Geographic Identifiers: United States Abstract: At its Annual Convention in August in San Francisco, the House of Delegates of... 8 9 1992-09-01 United States Fair Trial, Human Rights, International Criminal Court, Jurisdiction
Jersey Moves Forward with Regulation of its International Financial Sector Jersey is preparing to regulate its international financial sector and particularly trust company administration, investment business and insurance services. It has published a consultative paper... 8 9 1992-09-01 Jersey Banking Supervision, Regulation
Schengen Information Centre Opens as Another Step to Establish Europol Is Taken During the first week of September, the Schengen Information Centre (SIS) was established in Neuhof, which is also the provisional headquarters for Europol. An essential component of the SIS is an... 8 9 1992-09-01 Europe Border Security, Drugs & Trafficking, Europol, Evidence Sharing, International Cooperation, Organized Crime, Treaties
Austria’s Entry into EC Forces Initiative to End Anonymous Accounts In order to meet the obligations of the European Community’s Anti-Money Laundering Directive upon its entry into the European Economic Area next year, the Government of Austria is considering a bill... 8 9 1992-09-01 Austria Drugs & Trafficking, International Organizations, Legislation, Money Laundering, Taxation
Bibliography of Books, Articles and Documents This article gives details about recently released books, articles and documents…[more] Bruce Zagaris 8 9 1992-09-01 World Bibliography
OAS CICAD Executive Secretary Discusses International Judicial Cooperation Against Illicit Narcotics Trafficking On June 30, 1992, Irving Tragen, Executive Secretary, Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD), Organization of American States (OAS), speaking at a joint program of the District of... 8 9 1992-09-01 Latin America and South America, North America Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Jurisdiction, Legislation, Treaties
Conferences This article gives details on an upcoming conference that will be held in November 1992…[more] 8 9 1992-09-01 World Conferences
OECD Recommends Strong Measures to Combat Tax Evasion and Avoidance as Mutual Assistance in Tax Administration Is About to Enter into Force On September 10, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issued two recommendations aimed at strengthening cooperation among governments against tax evasion and tax avoidance... 8 9 1992-09-01 OECD International Cooperation, Legislation, OECD, Tax Crimes, Taxation