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House of Commons Report on BCCI Urges Regulatory Reforms While Liquidator Issues Accusations Against 1986 Auditors On March 11, the House of Commons Treasury and Civil Service Committee report, entitled Banking Supervision and BCCI: International and National Regulation, recommended supervisory reform. The... 8 3 1992-03-01 United Kingdom Banking Supervision, Regulation
Bibliography The quarterly bibliography details recently released books, articles, and documents…[more] 8 3 1992-03-01 World Bibliography
Swiss Government Implements Tightened Anti-Money Laundering Law On February 4, 1992, the Swiss Government’s Banking Commission promulgated new guidelines effective May 1 pursuant to a Swiss law that was enacted in 1990. Under the law, Swiss banks must investigate... 8 3 1992-03-01 Switzerland Banking Supervision, Financial Crimes, Investigation, Legislation, Money Laundering, Regulation
Bank for International Settlements Considers Sanctions Against Central Banks without Sufficient Regulatory Controls as a Result of BCCI Debacle As a result of the huge losses suffered due to the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the Bank for International Settlements Committee on Banking Regulation is considering... 8 3 1992-03-01 World Banking Supervision, Financial Crimes, Regulation
Status of Luxembourg’s Attractiveness as a Financial Sector is Questioned Recently international investment counselors have questioned the continued attractiveness of Luxembourg’s financial sector due to its alleged breach of secrecy rules. In particular, the allegation is... 8 3 1992-03-01 Luxembourg Bank Secrecy, Banking Supervision, Financial Crimes, Fraud, Investigation, Legislation, Money Laundering, Tax Crimes
Second Andean Drug Summit On February 26 and 27, President George Bush and leaders from six Latin American countries held a two-day drug summit in San Antonio, Texas. It was a follow-up of a summit held two years before. The... Bruce Zagaris 8 3 1992-03-01 Latin America and South America, United States Conferences, Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Extradition, Human Rights, International Cooperation, Legislation
U.S. Supreme Court Orders Swiss Bank to Turn Over Bank Records of Panamanian Subsidiary in Criminal Tax Case On February 24, the United States Supreme Court ordered the Union Bank of Switzerland to turn over bank records in the possession of its Panamanian subsidiary. In doing so, the Court rejected the... 8 3 1992-03-01 Switzerland, United States Bank Secrecy, International Law, Investigation, Sanctions, Tax Crimes
IRS Obtains More Time to Submit Review of Enforcement Measures on Transfer Pricing The Internal Revenue Service has requested a two month delay to file with Congress a report that was due March 1 on the effectiveness of measures enacted in 1990 to increase compliance with transfer... 8 3 1992-03-01 United States Legislation, Tax Enforcement
U.S. Supreme Court Briefs in Alvarez-Machain Presage a Historical Decision for International Criminal Law With the briefs filed in the case of United States v. Alvarez-Machain, the stage has been set for what may be a decision of monumental importance in the jurisdiction of United States application of... Bruce Zagaris 8 3 1992-03-01 United States Human Rights, International Criminal and Comparative Law, International Law, Jurisdiction
India Requests Extradition of Former Union Carbide Chairman in Bhopal Case On March 27, India took steps to seek extradition from the United States Government of Mr. Warren Anderson, the former chairman of Union Carbide, so that he can be tried at Bhopal on charges of... 8 3 1992-03-01 India, United States Arrest, Extradition
EC Proposes Administrative Penal Sanctions for Fishing Violations Presaging Additional Area of Direct Penal Enforcement Sanctions To remedy difficulties in the enforcement of the European Community’s common fisheries policy, an EC report of the European Commission published on March 16 on the surveillance of the EC’s CFP... 8 3 1992-03-01 Europe Environment, Maritime, Sanctions, Wildlife
Environmental Group Goes to Court to Force Ban on Shrimp Imports On February 24, 1992 the Earth Island Institute brought a complaint under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 against the Department of Commerce and State because of their alleged violations of law... 8 3 1992-03-01 United States Environment, Trade Enforcement, Wildlife
International Criminal Cooperation in Commonwealth Caribbean Advances In recent years, international criminal cooperation in the Commonwealth Caribbean has been strengthened. Two areas in particular that are undergoing dynamic development are technical assistance in... 8 3 1992-03-01 British Commonwealth, Caribbean Extradition, International Cooperation, Investigation, Prosecution, Training
U.S. Mexico Environmental Enforcement Cooperation Will Be Enhanced On February 25, the United States and Mexican Governments released a review of U.S.-Mexico environmental issues which contains discussions on developments in environmental enforcement cooperation.... 8 3 1992-03-01 Mexico, United States Environment, International Cooperation, Training
Chief of U.S. Terrorism and Violent Crimes Section Reviews Activities On January 14, 1992, Jerry Reynolds, Chief, Terrorism and Violent Crimes Section, U.S. Department of Justice, reviewed the work of his group. The section was established in June 1991. Much of the... 8 3 1992-03-01 United States Corruption, Drugs & Trafficking, Investigation, Jurisdiction, Money Laundering, Organized Crime, Piracy, Terrorism, Violence
French Request Extradition from Libya of Palestinian Abu Nidal Organization for 1988 Attack on Greek Boat On March 26, a French court ordered the extradition from Libya of a Palestinian official of the terrorist Abu Nidal organization as a result of evidence of his role in planning a July 1988 attack... 8 3 1992-03-01 France, Libya Extradition, Indictment, Sanctions, Terrorism
Proposed U.N. Sanctions against Libyan Government over Terrorism: Lockerbie Move Towards Denouement In the waning days of March, in response to the moves in the Lockerbie case by the Libyan Government of taking just enough action to avoid international sanctions, the United States, Britain and... 8 3 1992-03-01 Libya Sanctions, Terrorism, United Nations