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U.S./U.N. Enforcement Actions to Curtail Aggression: A Review in the Context of the Iraqi War Since August 2, 1990, the Bush Administration has acted decisively, in consort with its allies through the U.N., to design, implement  and enforce sanctions against Iraq and Kuwait. In the context of... Chris Whaling 7 3 1991-03-01 Iraq, Kuwait, United States Sanctions, War Crimes
U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Exemption of Foreign Officials from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act On March 8, 1991, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of an indictment against two Canadian officials who were prosecuted under the general conspirac... Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 Canada, United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Lawsuits
Canada Admonishes the U.S. Over Extraterritorial Application of Cuban Trade Sanctions On February 19, Canadian Attorney General Kim Campbell announced in a joint statement with External Affairs Minister Joe Clark that the Canadian government will do everything possible to block... Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 Canada, Cuba, United States Extradition, Sanctions, Trade Enforcement
Chariot 1 Case Hailed as Major Breakthrough in Fight Against Lebanese Deviations The spate of recent deviations into the Lebanon has once again aroused passions amongst the maritime community. However, as CCI reports this month international co-operation and the swift response of... 7 3 1991-03-01 Lebanon, World Law Enforcement, Piracy
House Marks Up Money Laundering Enforcement Bill A new money laundering bill is moving quickly through the House. On February 27, the House Banking Subcommittee on Financial Institutes marked up and approved HR 26, the Money Laundering Enforcement... Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 United States Legislation, Money Laundering
British Caribbean Dependencies Strengthen Enforcement of Offshore Bank Regulations and Supervision in Wake of Scandal As a result of a series of frauds, bankruptcies, and sundry criminal and related enforcement difficulties, the Caribbean British dependencies have begun to strengthen the legal and infrastructure... Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 Caribbean, United Kingdom Bank Secrecy, Banking Supervision, Money Laundering
Swiss Discuss Bill to Criminalize Organized Crime and Money Laundering On March 15, 1991 the Federal Department of Justice and Police in Born, Switzerland brought a new bill against organized crime activities and money laundering up for discussion. The twenty-six... Jan Daub 7 3 1991-03-01 Switzerland Money Laundering, Organized Crime
U.S. 1991 International Narcotics Strategy Report is Issued On March 1, the U.S. Department of State issued its 1991 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. It is packed with broad strategy trends as well as nuggets of information about countries,... Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 United States Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking
Schengen Agreement Raises Concerns Among the European Parliament The European Parliament raised objections on February 20, 1991 to the implementation of the Schengen Convention, citing fears of a two speed Europe which might endanger the stability of the Community... Sarah Barber 7 3 1991-03-01 European Union Adjective Enforcement
United Kingdom and Germany Notify Ratifications of European Extradition Convention The United Kingdom and Germany have now given notification of their ratification of the European Convention on Extradition and the Second Additional Protocal to the European Convention on Extradition... 7 3 1991-03-01 Germany, United Kingdom Adjective Enforcement, Extradition
Annual Boycott Report Shows Decreased International Boycott Activity The U.S. Treasury Department has issued its fifth annual report on the operation and effect of the international boycott provisions. The report, entitled The Operation and Effect of the International... Chris Whaling 7 3 1991-03-01 United States Human Rights, Tax Enforcement
U.S. Interpol Chief Reviews Interpol Developments On March 26, Darrell W. Mills, Chief, INTERPOL-U.S. National Central Bureau, briefed the Committee on International Criminal Law, Criminal Justice Section, American Bar Association, on developments... Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 United States, World INTERPOL
Congressional Briefing on North American Free Trade Agreement Reveals Increased Border and Bilateral Enforcement of Environmental Matters On March 21, 1991, a Congressional briefing on the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) revealed significant new developments in the enforcement of bilateral and especially border environmental... Dena Strauss and Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 Canada, Mexico, United States Border Security, Environment, Treaties
Three Anti-Terrorism Bills Introduced Three bills introduced during the last week of January, 1991 by Congressmen Guarini, Lantos, and Solomon provide a series of new mechanisms, sanctions, and procedures to combat international... Sarah Barber 7 3 1991-03-01 United States Legislation, Terrorism
Appellate Court Upholds Yunis Conviction The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has affirmed the convictions of Fawaz Yunis conspiracy, aircraft piracy, and hostage-taking charges resulting from the hijacking of a Jordanian... Bruce Zagaris 7 3 1991-03-01 Jordan, Lebanon, United States Piracy, Terrorism, Trial
Licenses Issued for Settlement of Kuwaiti Bank Obligations The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Department of the Treasury ("OFAC") has licensed seven blocked Kuwaiti banks to settle directly most types of obligations arising prior to the August 1,... Morgan, Lewis & Bockius 7 3 1991-03-01 Kuwait Bank Secrecy, Banking Supervision, Economic Crimes
New Developments: Treasury Lifts Some Sanctions Against Kuwait Mirroring Action Taken by Canada Earlier this Week; Sanctions Against Iraq Remain On Friday, March 8, 1991, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, announced an amendment to the final Kuwaiti Sanctions Regulations. The Amendment to the Regulations... Morgan, Lewis & Bockius 7 3 1991-03-01 Iraq, Kuwait, United States Banking Supervision, Sanctions