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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Canadian Proposes to Link Human Rights and Foreign Aid Raises Whole Tie of Enforcement of International Human Rights During the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Harare, ZImbabwe, Canadian Prime Minsiter Brian Mulroney proposed that foreign assistance be directly tied to the human rights record of the... 7 11 1991-11-01 Canada, Zimbabwe Human Rights, International Cooperation
International Environmental Law Conference Sees New Enforcement Regimes One of the clear themes emerging out of a two-day conference of the American Bar National Instiute on international environmental law is that enforcement mechanisms in international environmental law... 7 11 1991-11-01 United States, World Environment, International Cooperation, International Law
Mexican Government Will Buttress Environmental Enforcement On October 28, Mexico's Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology (SEDUE) Patricio Chirinosannounced a three-year program of more than $460 million to protect the environment along Mexico's border.... 7 11 1991-11-01 Mexico, United States Environment
Financial Action Task Force Report Provides Additional Momentum The most recent report of the Financial Action Task Force indicates that the organization is quickly becoming the most important intergovernmental organization for money laundering enforcement. The... Bruce Zagaris 7 11 1991-11-01 United States Bank Secrecy, FATF, Money Laundering
Foreign-Owned Vessels Detained in Liberian Waters In a series of incidents in Liberian waters, vessels have been seized. 7 11 1991-11-01 Liberia, Spain Piracy
German Cabinet Approves Drug-Related Laundering and Forfeiture The German Cabinet has sanctioned a draft law anti-narcotics trafficking law. The new law will criminalize money laundering and enable the courts to, as part of their sentence, fine violators an... 7 11 1991-11-01 Germany Asset Forfeiture, Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Money Laundering
Fisheries Enforcement Cooperation between Namibia and Angola Friction has arised between Namibia and Spain over illegal fishing in Namibian waters. On June 25, 1991, two Spanish fishing vessels were detected fishing illegally in Namibian waters during a... 7 11 1991-11-01 Angola, Namibia, Spain Environment, Trade Enforcement, Wildlife
New Zealand's Serious Fraud Office Investigates Alleged Fraud and Laundering in South Pacific 'Banks' In an effort to warn the public and slow down activities of alleged fraud and laundering, the Serious Fraud Office of New Zealand has publicly announced its investigations of laundering proceeds from... 7 11 1991-11-01 Nauru, New Zealand, Tonga, Vanuatu Fraud, Money Laundering
27 European Governments Agree on Enforcement Action to Curb and Penalize Illegal Migration On October 31, at the conclusion of a two-day meeting in Berlin, the ministers of interior and justice of twenty-seven governments, including all twelve European Community countries, Switzerland,... 7 11 1991-11-01 Europe Immigration, International Cooperation, International Organizations
Canadian Court Sanctions Compliance with U.S. Tax Information Request for a Grand Jury Proceeding On July 4, 1991, the Canadian Federal Court issued an opinion, granting a request for tax information to the United States purusant to the income tax treaty and to a grand jury proceeding in the... 7 11 1991-11-01 Canada, United States International Organizations, Tax Enforcement, Treaties
U.K. Plans to Restrict Asylum Law Following a worldwide trend, the United Kingdom Government has announced controversial plans to amend its asylum law and restrict the ability to obtain asylum. One of the means by which it will... 7 11 1991-11-01 United Kingdom Asylum, Immigration
South Korea Imposes Largest Tax Penalty Ever Against Hyundai and its Founding Family On November 1, the Office of National Tax Administration announced that Hyundai, Mr. Chung Ju Yung, the Hyundai Group founder, and eight members of his family must pay taxes and penalties of won... 7 11 1991-11-01 South Korea Financial Enforcement, Financial Supervision, Fraud, Tax Enforcement
French Government Expands Penalization of Violators of Its Immigration Laws On November 13, the French Government approved took measures to strengthen criminal and administrative penalties against airlines and other transport carriers that bring illegal immigrants into... 7 11 1991-11-01 France Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Immigration
Swiss Court Attaches Conditions to Extradition to Italy Drug traffic is an international business. The organizations involved are internationally organized and operating. Thus, investigations have to be international as well. Therefore, criminal... Gerald Deck 7 11 1991-11-01 Italy, Switzerland Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Extradition
Turkish Government Seizes Bulgarian Arms On October 23, the Turkish authorities in the Bosporus seized 2,000 crates of weapons and four tons of chemicals on board the Cape Maleas, a Greek Cypriot ship. The ship was traveling from the... 7 11 1991-11-01 Bulgaria, Turkey Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking
German Parliament Enacts Implementing Statute on the Convention of the Transfer of Sentenced Persons The member states of the Council of Europe and other states ratified on March 21, 1983 the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons (Convention), which entered into force on July 1, 1985. The... Gerald Deck 7 11 1991-11-01 Germany Adjective Enforcement, Prisoner Rights
New Swiss Central Agency Leads International Drug and Arms Investigations with "Benjamin" "Benjamin" is the name of a Swiss police operation with many branches throughout Europe. Starting in early 1991, the operation recently produced first results which the Swiss Attorney General, Willy... Andreas Schmidt 7 11 1991-11-01 Europe, Switzerland Organized Crime, Theft
Germany to Adopt EC Insider Trading Regime and Strengthen Centralization of Enforcement in the Wake of Scandals In the wake of an insider-trading "scandal," involving the investigations by Frankfurt city prosecutors of approximately 150 cases of possible tax evasion connected with securities trading, calls and... 7 11 1991-11-01 Europe, Germany Compliance, European Union, Trade Enforcement
Export Controls and Enforcement in Eastern and Central Europe At the beginning of 1990 the U.S. and its COCOM allies undertook serious steps to restructure the multilateral system of export controls so that western business may participate fully in the emerging... Georgi Angelov 7 11 1991-11-01 Europe, United States Trade Crimes, Trade Enforcement
Swiss Stock Exchange Bill is Vague on Exchange of Information Recently the Swiss Senate began discussing a bill for a Conferderate Stock Exchange Statute, Section 30 of the bill provides that the Confederate banking commission or a stock exchange commission,... Anke Naujock 7 11 1991-11-01 Switzerland Bank Secrecy, Banking Supervision