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U.S. Senate Ratifies Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment On October 27, 1990, the U.S. Senate gave its advice and consent for ratification of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment or Punishment.  Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-26 United States Human Rights, Treaties
Bill to Punish Foreign Companies for Violating Iraq Sanctions Is Reintroduced in Congress On January 3, Congressman Fortney Stark (D-Calif) introduced a bill which is designed to punish foreign companies violating the U.N. trade embargo now in force against Iraq. The bill (HR 233) would... Bruce Zagaris and Sarah Barber 7 1 1991-01-26 United States Comparative and International Law, Compliance, Customs Enforcement, Economic Sanctions, International Crimes, Legislation, Sanctions, Trade Enforcement
PLI Law Seminar on the Kuwait/Iraq Sanctions On November 30, 1990 the Practicing Law Institute (PLI) held a law seminar on the Kuwait/Iraq sanctions with special emphasis on international aspects and the U.S. regulations.  Michael Schacke 7 1 1991-01-26 Iraq, Kuwait, United States Conferences, Economic Sanctions
Florida International Tax Conference Emphasizes Enforcement Trends On January 17 - 18, 1991, the Ninth Annual International Tax Conference, sponsored by the Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Committee and the Tax Section and the Florida Institute of Certified... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-26 Caribbean Conferences, International Convention, International Law, Tax Enforcement
Eighth U.N. Crime Congress Adopts Several Resolutions On September 7, 1990, the United Nations Eighth Crime Congress adopted several important resolutions on diverse issues of criminal justice. The United Nations General Assembly adopted these... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-26 Cuba Conferences, International Crimes, United Nations
Schengen Convention Points Way to Enhanced EC Criminal Cooperation Recently Italy joined the Schengen Convention and Spain and Portugal are likely to sign next year. Italy becomes the sixth member to join and soon eight members of the European Community will belong... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-26 Europe, Italy Conferences, International Convention, International Cooperation, Policy/Directives, Treaties
Central American Integration Includes Drug and Other Enforcement Issues in Future Program On December 15-17, 1990, the five Central American Presidents and the President of Panama met in Puntarenas, Costa Rico, to discuss various issues of socio-political and economic importance to the... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-26 Costa Rica, Panama Conferences, Drug Enforcement, International Convention, International Cooperation
Mitsotakis Regime Enacts Anti-Terrorism Law and Signals Winds of Change in Greek Policy On December 13, 1990, the Greek Government enacted a "Bill for the Protection of Society Against Organized Crime," a law which is modeled on German and Italian legislation and provides for a range of... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-26 Greece International Crimes, Legislation, Organized Crime, Terrorism
Sea Turtle Controversy Arises Again The United States Department of State issued an order (Public Notice 1320) on January  7, 1991, outling guidelines for the protection of sea turtles in shrimp trawl fishing operations for Latin... Sarah Barber 7 1 1991-01-26 United States Endangered Species, Legislation
Swiss Supreme Court Rules on Judicial Assistance Request in Marcos Case In several decisions regarding the Philippine judicial assiantce request in the Marcos Case, the Swiss Supreme Court in Lausanne gave its conditional approval to the repatriation of seized funds and... Christoph Moslein 7 1 1991-01-26 Philippines, Switzerland Administration of Justice, Cross-Border Communication, Information Exchange, International Cooperation, International Crimes, International Criminal and Comparative Law, International Law
U.S. Government Wins 4 Convictions in International Laundering Scheme On December 27, 1990, four persons were convicted of participating in a $1 billion operation that laundered Colombian drug money through the jewelry markets of New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. The... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-23 Colombia, United States Money Laundering
Greek Government Bank Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering A lengthy investigation into money laundering charges has resulted in a plea of guility on November 4, 1990, by the Mortgage Bank of Greece. Its chairman, Apostolos Georgidis, who was not involved in... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-23 Greece, United States Money Laundering
Mexican Government Outlines New Drug Policy Initiatives On January 24, 1991, Dr. Jorge Carrilo Olea, the General Coordinator for Combatting Narcotics Trafficking, provided a briefing on new initiatives of the Mexican Government to combat illicit narcotics... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-23 Mexico, United States Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Policy/Directives
Developments in the U.S. -- Bahamas Enforcement During the last year developments in the adjective assistance have progressed well, especially compred to the controversies that had raged in the mid-1980's. Enforcement in combatting illicit... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-23 Bahamas Adjective Enforcement, Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Policy/Directives
German Government Proposes Bill for Tougher Penalties for Violations of the Iraq Sanction On January 23, 1991, Juergen Moellemann, the German Government's new economics minister, proposed a bill that contains strengthened criminal penalties for companies that violate the U.N. embargo on... Bruce Zagaris 7 1 1991-01-23 Germany Sanctions