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Congressional Research Service and House Foreign Affairs Committee Co-Sponsor Money Laundering Symposium Under the combined auspices of Rep. Dante Fascell, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Raphael Perl of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a broad spectrum of specialists... Lt. Col. Michael Dziedzic 6 7 1990-07-01 United States Money Laundering
Bush Reiterates Promise to Give Trade Assistance to Andean Countries On July 23, U.S. President George Bush reiterated his promise made at the Andean (Cartagena) Summit in February to provide trade and aid assistance for the embatted Andean countries of Bolivia,... Bruce Zagaris 6 7 1990-07-01 Latin America and South America Adjective Assistance, Research, Teaching
American Bar Tax Section Calls for Procedures to Implement TIEAs or to Suspend Exchanges The Section of Taxation Committee on U.S. Activities of Foreigners and Tax Treaties has asked Treasury that it either implement procedures providing U.S. taxpayers with notice and opportunity to... Bruce Zagaris 6 7 1990-07-01 United States Taxation
Committee on Experts Considers International Criminal Court Proposal The establishment of an international criminal tribunal has long been a goal, first of the League of Nations and then of the United Nations. Professor Christopher L. Blakesley 6 7 1990-07-01 World International Criminal Court
Mexico Requests Extradition of DEA Agent and A Former Mexican Law Enforcement Official for Kidnapping Dr. Alvarez Machain On July 20, the Mexican Government, seeking to bring to justice persons responsible for the kidnapping of Dr. Humberto Alvarez Machain, the gynecologist who was abducted last April in Guadalajara and... Bruce Zagaris 6 7 1990-07-01 Mexico Extradition
Japan Imposes Ban on Drift-Net Fishing Japan has announced that it will end drift-net fishing in the South Pacific this season (1990-91), one year earlier than the date established by a United Nations resolution. Bruce Zagaris 6 7 1990-07-01 Japan Environment