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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
EC Commissioner Tells of Agreements on International Enforcement Cooperation On November 22, while speaking to the French Banking Association (AFB), European Community Tax Commissioner Christiane Scrivener stated that by the end of the year agreements should be completed to... Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 Europe International Cooperation
IRS International Examiners' Latest Training Materials The latest training materials for IRS International Examiners have become avaliable through ISI Publishers.  ISI obtained these materials through a Freedom of Information Act request. Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 United States Taxation
CICAD 8th Regular Session Makes Progress on Legal Program During October 23-26, 1990, the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission or the Organization of American States had its eighth regular session. Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 Latin America and South America Drug Enforcement
Purged German Conviction Still Counts in the U.S.-An Update In the September issue, we reported a case which involved the application of German non-disclosure laws to a pilot applying for a U.S. airman medical certificate. Raymond C. Speciale 6 11 1990-11-01 Germany Court Conviction
Cayman-U.S. Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty Is Extended to Three Caribbean Jurisdictions On November 9, 1990, the Treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom concerning the Cayman Islands Relatin to Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters was extended to the British... Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 Caribbean Mutual Legal Assistance
Kidnapping of Mexican Citizens The media has recently reported that, due to its concern over the increasing number of kidnappings by first the United States Government in the Camarena investigation and more recently by the Texas... Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 Mexico Kidnaping
59th General Assembly Meeting of INTERPOL Member Countries The following is a compilation of events which took place at the 59th annual General Assembly Meeting of INTERPOL Member Countries, held in Ottawa, Canada, from September 27th to October 3rd, 1990. Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 World INTERPOL
Twelve Countries Sign European Laundering Convention On November 8, 1990, twelve governments signed the Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation on the first day that it became open for signature. 6 11 1990-11-01 Europe Money Laundering
Policing Without Frontiers: Coping With Terrorism, Drugs and Crime In the EC's Single Market and Beyond The "1992 Process" will result in the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital throughout the member states of the European Communities.  Yanah Alexander 6 11 1990-11-01 Europe Terrorism
U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement Promotes Money Laundering A report issued in the last week of October 1990 by the department of Canada's Solicitor General indicates that the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Canada has proven helpful for... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 6 11 1990-11-01 Canada Money Laundering
New Developments: U.N. Asks For Claims Information; Kuwait Authorized to Sue; U.S. Sanctions Legislation and Regulations This is the third in our series of periodic reports on developments in the Iraq/Kuwait crisis that may affect businesses, individuals and financial institutions with interests in the region. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius 6 11 1990-11-01 United States Sanctions
U.S.-Venezuela Sign First Bilateral Agreement on Anti-Money Laundering On November 5, 1990, the Governments of the United States and the Republic of Venezuela signed the first bilateral agreement to combat money laundering and exchange currency transaction information... Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 United States Money Laundering
Swiss Supreme Court: Applies for Human Rights Convention The Swiss Supreme Court vacated a judgment of the Appeals Court in Basle.  A foreigner was sentenced to two and a half years of prison because of drug trafficking. Bettina Rost-Hebell 6 11 1990-11-01 Switzerland Human Rights
Controversy over Lawyers Fees Again Threatens to Tarnish the Noriega Case The issue of whether defense counsel for Noriega will be able to receive their fees has aain become controversial and has threatened to tarnish the prospects of Mr. Noriega to receive a fair trial. Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 United States Human Rights
Environmental Group Wins Decision Enjoining Imports of Tuna by Mexico and Other Countries, Touching Off Dispute with Mexico A victory by the Earth Island Institute based on the Marine Mammal Protection Act has resulted in threats of a trade war with Mexico. Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 Mexico Environment
House Committee Hears Recommendations for Improved International Cooperation among Banking Regulators and Stricter Regulation of U.S. Branches of Foreign Banks in Wake of Banca del Lavoro Debacle On October 16, 1990, the House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs held a hearing on the problems of regulating United States branches of foreign banks in the context of the bankruptcy... Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 United States International Cooperation
Update on German Export Controls and Cooperation Developments Since early 1989, and before the UN imposed embargo against Iraq, Germany has reacted to serious cases of illegal exports in the areas of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons by strenghtening its... Clemens Kochinke and Martina Lehman 6 11 1990-11-01 Germany Export Enforcement
The New French Money Laundering Act The new French Money Laundering Act enacted July 12, 1990 is a deciding factor in the plan of action drawn up by the French Government in its fight against narcotics traffickers. Laurent Segal 6 11 1990-11-01 France Money Laundering
German Measures Against Money Laundering In Germany, the transformation of cash into bank credits is not illegal and therefore, banks can easily be utilized to legitimate the earnings arising from narcotics transactions. Peter H. Dehnen 6 11 1990-11-01 Germany Money Laundering
Economic Crime- Managing the Risk The theme for the conference was the identification of various risks to enterprises, both in the public and private sectors, and the control and containment of the damage and loss which resulted. Dr. Barry Rider 6 11 1990-11-01 World Economic Crimes