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Presidential Budget Proposals Contain Tax Enforcement Measures President Bush’s budget proposal of February 9, 1989, contains few ideas that may have an impact on international enforcement in the tax area.  The only major item is a proposal to increase funding... Bruce Zagaris 5 2 1989-02-01 United States Tax Enforcement
Greek Government Takes Action to Improve Enforcement against International Terrorism On January 24, after an emergency meeting following attacks on Greek judicial officials by urban terrorist groups, the Greek Government announced new measures to battle international terrorism.   Bruce Zagaris 5 2 1989-02-01 Greece Counter-terrorism
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Releases Print of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty Hearings The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has released a print of the hearings on the pending Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLATs).  In order to conserve resources, the Committee’s print is entitled... Bruce Zagaris 5 2 1989-02-01 United States Mutual Legal Assistance
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects Specialty Doctrine in Applying Swiss Court's Extradition Order Enjoining Prosecution for Fiscal Offenses In February 5, 1989, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (no.87-5007), in a two to one decision, affirmed the conviction on various drug related charges, holding, inter alia,... Bruce Zagaris 5 2 1989-02-01 Switzerland Extradition