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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geography Subject Areas
Immunity Granted for U.S. Defendants in Libyan Suit An action brought by 55 Libyan citizens to recover damages for death, personal injury and the destruction of property occurring in the course of air strikes by U.S. military forces on targets in... Stephen Gardner 5 2 1989-02-01 Libya Immunity
Attorney Assistance for Americans Arrested Abroad Every year several thousand Americans are arrested abroad.  Many of them encounter difficulty in finding competent counsel in the countries of arrest.   Bruce Zagaris 5 2 1989-02-01 United States Human Rights
Customs Preclearance Inspection Rules Have Extraterritorial Effect The United States Customs Service has issued in the Federal Register of February 1, 1989, interim rules for the preclearance of passengers and baggage in foreign countries and has invited public... Bruce Zagaris 5 2 1989-02-01 United States Customs Enforcement
Book Review: International Economic Sanctions: Improving the Haphazard U.S. Legal Regime by Barry E. Carter The book highlights and analyzes U.S. laws for imposing economic sanctions for noneconomic foreign policy reasons, including for violations of international criminal law, such as terrorism.  Bruce Zagaris 5 2 1989-02-01 United States Economic Sanctions