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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Eleven Countries Agree on Olympic Testing of Drugs On December 13, in Rome, Italy, eleven countries signed an agreement that obligates the signatory countries to test one another's athletes for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 World Adjective Enforcement
Philippines Finally Recovers Some Marcos' Money from Switzerland On December 21, the Philippine Government confirmed that it had finally succeeded in recovering some of the Marcos' funds that have been in Swiss banks.  Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 Philippines Adjective Enforcement
Central American Leaders Revise Peace Accords and Request Enforcement Assistance On December 12, five Central American presidents signed a new peace agreement that calls for more international participation in enforcing the process and in controlling all aid to the Nicaraguan... Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 Central America Adjective Enforcement
U.S. Justice Department Boosts International Enforcement Efforts Several developments indicate that the United States Department of Justice is taking steps to increase its resources for dealing with international criminal law actions. Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 United States Adjective Enforcement
U.S. Concludes First Agreements for Securities Enforcement Cooperation On December 11 and 14, 1989, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concluded its first agreements for securities enforcement cooperation with the Dutch and French Governments... Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 United States Securities Trade Enforcement
Mutual Protection of Common Values and Interests Among Socialist Countries: The End of An Era of Extraterritorial Protection? In the doctrine of both socialist and non-socialist states, it is commonly assumed that high degrees of political, economic and social homogeneity among the former countries are maintained by the... Michael Plachta 5 12 1989-12-01 Eastern Europe Jurisdiction
Our Brother's Keeper of How International Human Rights Can Be a Double-Edged Sword vis-a-vis International Criminal Law To the average practitioner deciding on a theory of negligence, deciphering whether a client is a licensee or invitee, or analyzing the ramifications of extradition under international criminal law,... John Sullivan 5 12 1989-12-01 World Human Rights
Book Review: State Support of International Terrorism Legal, Political, and Economic Dimensions by John F. Murphy After grappling with the tricky problem of defining "international terrorism," the author discusses the types of "state support" and "state sponsorship" of international terrorisn, as well as how... Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 World Terrorism
Book Review: International Sports Law by James A.R. Nafziger This is the only major book on a new and growing field-the institutional and legal framework of international sports competition. Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 World International Gaming
Swiss Money Laundering Bill: Debates and Adoption by One of the Chamber of Swiss Parliament Until now, Switzerland, with its political neutrality, the advantages of its private banking system and its position outside the European Economic Community (EEC), has been a convenient country for... Nathalie Kohler 5 12 1989-12-01 Switzerland Money Laundering
International Cooperation Against Money Laundering in the European Integration Context In 1992, the erasing of borders in the European Ecnomic Community-aimed at allowing freer circulation of goods and freer movement of workers and capital-also will make it easier for criminals to move... Bruce Zagaris and Markus Bornheim 5 12 1989-12-01 Europe Money Laundering
Strike One for the United States Support of an International Strike Force Over the last year, solutions to the international drug problem have been discussed in multilateral talks among members of the United Nations, among the members of CARICOM, and in bilateral talks... Lisa L. Davis 5 12 1989-12-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Mexico Convicts Drug Leaders of Murdering Camarena In a case that is likely to further cement increased cooperation in law enforcement between the U.S. and Mexico, a court in Guadalajara, after four years of proceedings, convicted Rafael Caro... Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 Mexico Drug Enforcement
International Narcotics Control act of 1989 On December 13, 1989, President Bush signed into law the International Narcotics Control Act of 1989, the most recent law concerning anti-drug efforts. Lisa L. Davis 5 12 1989-12-01 United States Drug Enforcement
U.S. International Tax Counsel Explains U.S.-Mexican TIEA and Discloses New TIEA Negotiations with Andean Countries On December 11, Phil Morrison, U.S. International Tax Counsel, speaking at the Second International Tax Institute co-sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service and The George Washington University... Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 United States Tax Enforcement
Foreign Recordkeeping Amendments Indicate International Tax Enforcement Trends The enactment in Title VII of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 of the requirements to improve information reporting by U.S. subsidiaries and branches of foreign corporations, as... Bruce Zagaris 5 12 1989-12-01 United States Tax Enforcement