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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Marks Up the U.N. Drug Convention On November 2, 1989, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a markup on the United Nations Convention Against Illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.   Lisa L. Davis 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Drug Enforcement
U.S. Mexico Conclude Tax Information Exchange Agreement On November 9, in Mexico City the Mexican and United States Governments signed an agreement on tax information exchange.  The agreement will provide for data on individuals' incomes and any evidence... Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 Mexico Taxation
New U.S. Tax Strengthens International Enforcement Mechanisms The 1989 Budget Reconciliation Law contains provisions strenghtening international enforcement provisions that are reviewed below. Charles M. Bruce, Stephen Gray, and Pascale De Boeck 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Tax Enforcement
Swiss-Philippine Extradition Treaty Signed On October 19, 1989, the director of the Swiss Confederate Justice and Police Department, Arnold Koller, and the Philippine Minister of Justice, Sedfrey Ordonnez, signed a bilteral extradition treaty. Clemens J.M. Kochinke 5 11 1989-11-01 Switzerland Extradition
Canada Extradites Ng Without Seeking Death Penalty Assurances On October 26, 1989, Doug Lewis, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, released a letter to Donald W. MacLeod, counsel for defendant Charles Chitat Ng, rejecting a request that... Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 Canada Death Penalty
EC Members Agree to Allow Pursuit of Criminals Across the Border In anticipation of the opening of national borders and the resulting need to intensify cooperation, on October 30 the Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and... Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 Europe Cross-Border Communication
U.S. and Soviets Cooperate on U.N. Resolution on Peace-Keeping In a positive step for the rule of law in international criminal cooperation, especially in humanitarian law and the law of war, the Soviet Union and the United States have announced on November 3... Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Peacekeeping
Congress Considers Assault Weapon Export Bill On November 1, 1989, the House Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control held a hearing on "Assault Weapons, Precursor Chemicals, and Drug Control in the Andes." Bettina Rost-Hebell 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Export Enforcement
Senate Adopts Chemical Weapons Bill On November 21, the U.S. Senate approved H.R. 3033 that authorizes the President to impose economic sanctions against nations or companies that use, or aid in producing or using chemical weapons. Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Weapons of Mass Destruction
Greek Tribunal Presses EC Maize Fraud Case Against Former Ministers The European Community is scrutinizing the prosecution of several former Greek cabinet ministers for their alleged role in 3 million Ecu fraud against the European community. Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 Greece Fraud
INTERPOL Initiates New Communications Network in the Caribbean and Central America Communication is critical to coordinating investigations and sharing information about crimes and criminals. Laura Frank 5 11 1989-11-01 Central America INTERPOL
Laundering of Drug Money in Luxembourg: A Criminal Offense The Official Gazette of July 19, 1989, saw the publication of certain amendments to the Luxembourg narcotics laws [loi du 7 juillet 1989 portant modification de la loi modifiée du 19 fevrier 1973... Alex Schmitt 5 11 1989-11-01 Luxembourg Money Laundering
U.S. Supreme Court Hears Verdugo-Urquidez Arguments on Limitations for U.S. Law Enforcement Officials' Conduct Abroad On November 7, 1989, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the Verdugo-Urquidez case. Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Law Enforcement
U.S. Treasury Releases Proposed Rulemaking on Money Laundering Though International Wire Transfers On October 31, 1989, the U.S. Department of Treasury published an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Federal Register inviting comments from financial institutions and other interested... Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Money Laundering
Marcos' Immunity Loss Moves U.S.-Swiss Assistance Case Forward The Supreme Court of the Swiss Confederation in Lausanne partially approved the U.S. judicial assistance request against the Marcoses for its investigation of their U.S. activities. Clemens J.M. Kochinke 5 11 1989-11-01 Switzerland Mutual Legal Assistance
Swiss Court Denies Judicial Assistance in Pemex Corruption Case Recently the Supreme Court of the Swiss Confederation in Lausanne rendered an important decision on judicial assistance in a corruption case. Hans-Jörg Rotberg 5 11 1989-11-01 Switzerland Mutual Legal Assistance
Liechtenstein's New Banking Duty of Care Agreement As previously reported, the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein banks defined by agreement the duty of care required of banks for financial transactions and banking... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 5 11 1989-11-01 Liechtenstein Banking Supervision
Book Review: Interpol Issues in World Crime and International Criminal Justice by Michael Fooner The author, who has already written five books on international crime and conspiracy and is primarily a journalist and has worked much of his life in criminal justice, including an earlier work on... Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 United States INTERPOL
Senate Hearing on Money Laundering Targets Money Changers At a November 1 hearing held by the Senate Banking Committee on money laundering, the Committee members agreed that new laws to stop money laundering by money changers is urgently needed.  An... Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 United States Money Laundering
Book Review: 1990 Computer Law Forms Handbook by Laurens R. Schwartz In its fourth edition, this book is considered amazing not only by foreign or computer lawyers. Bruce Zagaris 5 11 1989-11-01 World Computer Crimes