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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
House of Lords Reports on the Future of the European Arrest Warrant after Brexit On July 27, 2017, the European Union Committee (the Committee) of the UK House of Lords published its latest report on the future of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), titled Brexit: judicial... Michael Plachta 3 8 2017-08-04 United Kingdom International Organizations, National Security, Terrorism
Justice Designates Springer as Counsel for International Tax Matters The Department of Justice announced on July 28, 1987, that James Springer, Tax Division Counsel, has been designated as senior counsel for international tax matters.  Mr. Springer will continue to... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Tax Enforcement
Book Review: The Immigration Reform Law of 1986 by Nancy Humel Montwieler The landmark Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 was the result of intense and time-consuming efforts to address the need of balanced enforcement of the U.S. immigration laws.  Ms. Montwieler’... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Immigration
Amendment to Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act Introduced On August 5, 1987, Congressmen Sam Gibbons (D-Fla.) and J.J. Pickle (D-Texas) announced that they are introducing legislation to expand the duty-free treatment of exports from the region while... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 Caribbean Economic Integration
Terr Replaces Shay as International Tax Counsel On August 12, 1987, the Treasury Department announced that Stephen Shay, its International Tax Counsel, plans to leave his post on August 14. Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Tax Enforcement
ABA Committee on International Tax Announces Agenda The Committee on International Taxation, Section of International Law & Practice, American Bar Association, has set forth a new agenda which will include the interface between international tax... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Tax Enforcement
Congressional Committee Announces Hearings on International Tax Evasion The Commerce, Consumer and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee, House Government Operations Committee will hold hearings on September 15 and 16. Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Tax Crimes
Resolution of Section of International Law on Terrorism Withdrawn On August 8, 1987, at the Annual Convention of the American Bar Association, a resolution by the U.S. Government at the United Nations to Combat Terrorism was withdrawn when several issues were... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Terrorism
The Swiss Extradition Record in 1986 The Swiss Confederate Department of Justice and Police announced 1986 statistics on its international extradition activities.  Switzerland granted 165 extradition requests and submitted 165... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 3 8 1987-08-01 Switzerland Extradition
Central American Peace Agreement to Establish Compliance Commission The Agreement, entitled “Procedure for the Establishment of a Strong and Lasting Peace in Central America,” which was signed on August 7, 1987, by the leaders of the Governments of Costa Rica, El... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 Central America Compliance
INTERPOL Makes Progress on Economic Crime and Other Fronts Several international developments in Interpol continue to make this international organization one of the most dynamic and important forces in the international enforcement arena.  These... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 World Economic Crimes
FCC Shuts Down Pirate Radio Ship in International Waters On July 28, 1987 U.S. Coast Guard and Federal Communications Commission officials, bearing no arrest warrant of any kind, boarded and arrested occupants of the vessel “Sarah” anchored approximately... Jay A. Rosenthal, Esq. 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Piracy
IRS Announcement Authorizes Participation in Commonwealth Boycott of South Africa In IRS Notice 87-55, the Internal Revenue Service stated that Section 999 of the Internal Revenue Code denies certain tax benefits to taxpayers who participate in or cooperate with international... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 South Africa Civil Rights
Sec. of Int'l Law, ABA, Rejects Resol. to Oppose Death Penalty At its meeting on August 8, the Council of the Section of International Law and Practice, American Bar Association unanimously passed a resolution opposing a resolution introduced by Owen Meredith... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Death Penalty
F.B.I. and U.S. Customs Combine in High-Tech Export Sting Operation On August 9, 1987 a combined Federal Bureau of Investigation/U.S. Customs Service sting operation resulted in the arrest of four West Germans and one Austrian for alleged violations of the Arms... Louis E. Emery 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Customs
UN Conference on Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking A Success On June 26, 1987, the International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking concluded with the approval of major measures, including forfeiture of assets and equipment of traffickers,... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 World Drug Enforcement
Venezuela and Barbados Agree to Combat Drug Trafficking Venezuela and Barbados have announced a preliminary agreement on a treaty to combat narcotics trafficking.  According to media reports, the agreement will last for two years and will establish a... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 Latin America and South America Drug Enforcement
Nicaragua Withdraws Suit Against Costa Rica But Not Honduras On August 12, 1987, the Government of Nicaragua informed the World Court that it was withdrawing its case against Costa Rica, which it had alleged had tolerated Nicaraguan rebel operations based on... Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 Nicaragua Lawsuits
Congressional Committee Urges Improved Management of Drug War A report issued by the Committee on Government Operations on June 25, 1987 urges improved management for the U.S. Government’s enforcement of its anti-narcotics policies. Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Swiss Supreme Court Rules Geneva Bank Accounts in the Irangate Affair Must Be Opened to U.S. Investigators The long standing tensions between Switzerland and the U.S. relating to judicial assistance seem to have come to a close.  The Swiss Government has announced that starting October 1, 1987, the... Peter Schibli, Basel (Switzerland) 3 8 1987-08-01 Switzerland Banking Supervision