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Two Reports Shed Light on U.S. Government's International Drug Enforcement Strategy Two reports released recently shed light on recent developments as well as future strategy of international law enforcement strategy of the U.S. Government.  National and International Drug Law... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Congressional Hearing on Narcotics Issues in The Bahamas and the Caribbean On Tuesday, May 12, 1987 the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs held a hearing on Task Force on International Narcotics Control.  Co-Chairman Edward F. Feighan gave a short... Alfred May and Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 Caribbean Drug Enforcement
IRS Task Force Recommends More Investigation of Tax Havens In a report of a task force appointed by House Ways and Means Committee member Byron L. Dorgan, which was released on May 4, 1987, a number of steps were recommended to fight tax evasion relating to... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 United States Tax Havens
IRS To Enforce Tax Laws against Beneficiaries of INS Amnesty During a meeting on May 15, 1987, of the Section of Taxation, Committee on Foreign Activities of U.S. Taxpayers, during a question and answer period following a presentation by Bill Roth, Office of... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 United States Tax Enforcement
European Anti-terrorism Meeting Presages Summit Breakthrough On May 28,1987, the top leaders from major Western governments attended a meeting in Paris to discuss increased anti-terrorism cooperation. Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 Europe Counter-terrorism
Regional Police Training Center Holds Specialized Courses During April and May, 1987, twenty trainee instructors from fourteen police departments in the Caribbean underwent a specialized training course at the Regional Police Training Center in Barbados.  ... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 Barbados Adjective Enforcement
Cultural Property Advisory Committee Holds Closed Meeting A subcommittee of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee is conducting a closed meeting on June 3, 1987.  According to the announcement of the meeting, the session is closed because the discussion... bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 El Salvador Adjective Enforcement
ABA Program Highlights Extraterritorial Discovery The American Bar Association, Section on International Law and Pratice, presented a program on "International Litigation and Arbitration: Practical Approaches and Considerations" in New York on April... Constantine G. Papavizas 3 5 1987-05-01 World Adjective Enforcement
New Swiss Banking Rules: More Care in Receiving Private Money Swiss banks and money institutions are famous all over the world for their security and their discretion.  The high rate of the Swiss Frank (sF), the politically and economically stable situation in... Peter Schibli, Basel (Switzerland) 3 5 1987-05-01 Switzerland Banking Supervision
ABA Conference on Recording Industry Highlights Enforcement Issues International enforcement issues were highlighted at a recent two-day program in Washington, D.C. entitled "Current Legal Issues in the Recording Industry-1987".  The program, which was sponsored by... Jay Rosenthal 3 5 1987-05-01 United States Intellectual Property
Kimche Reprieve Raises Jurisdiction & Immunity Questions On May 21, 1987, the Israel government successfully delayed independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh's attempt to obtain grand jury testimony and enforcement of its subpoena of David Kimche, formerly a... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 Israel Jurisdiction
Canada Ambassador Asserts Immunity to Subpoena in Deaver Case Just as the U.S. District Court had handed down a reprieve temporarily for Mr. Kimche to testify in the grand jury investigations in Iran-contra criminal investigations, another case was highlighting... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 Canada Immunity
Sanction Aspects of the Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 Economic sanctions were imposed against the Republic of South Africa on October 2, 1986 in the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986, (the "Act), ending the Reagan Administration's policy of "... Rüdiger Krieger 3 5 1987-05-01 South Africa Sanctions
Book Review: International Criminal Law- A Guide to U.S. Practice and Procedure by Ved P. Nanda and Cherif Bassiouni The subtitle reference "Antitrust-Securities-Extradition-Tax-Terrorism" demonstrates the timeliness of this publication which was edited by two of the most eminent writers and teachers of... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 3 5 1987-05-01 International Criminal and Comparative Law