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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Illegal Aliens May Be Exempted from Certifying Tax Return Filing According to a report of the BNA Daily Tax Reporter, the IRS may exempt illegal aliens from the requirement in the Tax Reform Act of 1986 that individuals applying for U.S. resident status certify... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Immigration
Action under Foreign Agent Act Against Irish People, Inc. Remanded On July 25, 1987, in the case of Attorney General of the United States v. Irish People, Inc. the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia handed down a decision in an enforcement action... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Regulation
National Emergency on Libya Continued On December 23, 1986, President Ronald Reagan, by notice, continued the measures adopted on January 7 and 8, 1986, to deal with the Libyan emergency.  51 F.R. 46849 (December 29, 1986).  In... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 Libya Terrorism
U.S. Government Assists Caribbean Regional Police Training On December 18, 1986 Acting Commissioner of Policy Clovis Boyce closed the five-month course in "Instruction Development and Basic Criminal Investigation" by delivering a speech at the closing... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 Caribbean Adjective Assistance, Research, Teaching
Russian Drug Arrest of Swiss Citizen Indicates Increased Vigilance and Possible Increased Cooperation Following the September 1986 arrest of a Swiss citizen for drug smuggling at the Moscow airport, a Moscow City Court sentenced the defendant to imprisonment of work camp for five years.  According to... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 Russia Adjective Enforcement
International Criminal Law Committee of ABA Section of International Law Announces Agenda In a memorandum of January 2, 1986, William M. Hannay, Esq., Schiff, Hardin & Waite, Chicago, Chairman of the International Criminal Law Committee, Section of International Law and Practice,... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 World International Criminal and Comparative Law
Bahamas Government Reportedly Commits to Signing MLAT with US According to a news report, Carol Hallet, the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas, says the Bahamas Government has committed itself to signing a treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance with the... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 Bahamas Adjective Enforcement
U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs Work on Draft Convention It has been brought to our attention that the General Assembly expressly mandated the Commission to prepare a preliminary draft convention against the illicit traffic in narcotic drug and... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 World Drug Enforcement
U.S. Customs Cancels Proposed Remote TV System on Canadian Border The border between Maine and Canada was to be the site for an elaborate cost-cutting program.  The U.S. Customs Service was putting together the "Northern Border Enhancement" which reportedly... Peter Brown 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Customs Enforcement
Book Reviews: II International Criminal Law Procedure by M. Cherif Bassiouni Volume II follows Volume I by dealing with the procedural aspects of international criminal law, which is also known as adjective international criminal law.  The author also previously referred to... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 International Criminal and Comparative Law
ALI-ABA Program & Bilateral Agreements Highlight Securities Cooperation Program A program entitled "Transactional Commercial and Trade Litigation: Recent Developments" and new Memoranda of Understanding on the Sharing of Information in Matters Relating to Securities and Futures... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Securities Exchange Commission
Book Reviews: Entertainment Industry Contracts: Negotiating and Drafting Guide, Edited by Donald C. Farber Criminal and civil enforcement of intellectual property rights abroad has increasingly become an area of concern for international lawyers drafting contracts for clients in the entertainment field.  ... Jay Rosenthal 3 1 1987-01-01 Intellectual Property
U.S. Extradition Request of Lebanese from Germany Stirs Interest On January 19, 1987, the press widely reported that the United States filed papers with the West German government requesting the extradition of Mohammed Ali Hamadei, a Lebanese Shiite Moslem, wanted... Bruce Zagaris and Cornelia Beck 3 1 1987-01-01 Germany Extradition
Swiss Double Criminality in Export Control Investigations The Swiss Supreme Court decided on July 14, 1986 that some enforcement meaures for judicial assistance benefitting the United States are proper even if there is no proven violation of a criminal law... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 3 1 1987-01-01 Switzerland Export Enforcement
Extradition of a Jew By Israel? On December 22, 1986, The Israeli Supreme Court began the review of the extradition of a convicted Jewish murderer.  William Nakash, who in France was sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia, fled... Clemens J.M. Kochinke and Jay Rosenthal 3 1 1987-01-01 Israel Extradition
INS Rules on Penalty of Transport Entities for Illegal Entries The January 16, 1987 issue of the Federal Register announced proposed rules to enforce the penalty provided in 8 U.S.C. 1321 on owners, masters, officers and agents of vessels, aircraft,... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Immigration
INS Issues Regulations on Enforcement of New Immigration Law On January 19, 1987, the INS issued proposed regulations to implement the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  It requires the preparation of an Individual's Application for Employment (Form... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Immigration
Power of CFTC to Issue Subpoenas Extraterritorially Is Expanded On November 10, 1986, President Reagan signed into law HR 4613 which gives expanded power under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to serve... Cornelia Beck and Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Fraud
Former Nazi Stripped of Citizenship for World War II Activities The Department of Justice has announced that U.S. District Judge Harold Ackerman stripped Stefan Leili, 77, formerly of Clifton, New Jersey, of his U.S. citizenship on December 29, 1986, due to his... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Holocaust
U.S. Promulgates Additional Regulations on South African Economic Sanctions Recently the International Trade Administration ("ITA"), U.S. Department of Commerce and the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC"), U.S. Department of the Treasury, published final regulations... Louis E. Emery 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Economic Sanctions