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U.S. Issues Final FATCA Regs to Jump Start International Tax Enforcement   On January 17, 2013, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued final regulations implementing the information reporting and withholding tax provisions... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, World Tax Enforcement
Justice Department Forfeits $6.9 Million in Internet Gaming Proceeds  On December 14, 2012, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a consent order of forfeiture ordering the civil forfeiture of $6,976,924, which had been traced to... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Antigua & Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda, Scotland, United States Asset Forfeiture, Cybercrime
Justice Department Forfeits More Than $11 Million in Fraud Proceeds on Behalf of Australia On December 11, 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice announced it had forfeited cash and proceeds worth more than $11 million related to fraud located in the U.S. in connection with the conviction of... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Australia, United States Asset Forfeiture
Norway Indicts Houston Drilling Company for Conspiracy to Commit Tax Crimes On December 18, 2012, the Norwegian Tax Authority indicted Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, Inc. and Transocean Inc., both of which headquartered in Houston, for tax fraud and conspiracy to... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Cayman Islands, Norway, United States Tax Enforcement, World Bank
U.S. Indicts 3 Swiss Bankers with Tax Crimes for Hiding U.S. Taxpayers Money On December 19, 2012, a grand jury indictment was issued in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York against Stephan Fellman, Otto Huppi, and Christoff Reist, three former client... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Switzerland, United States Tax Enforcement
Allianz SE Agrees to Cease and Desist Order with SEC and Payment of $12.6 Million for FCPA Violations On December 27, 2012, Allianz SE, a multinational company headquartered in Munich, Germany, entered into a cease and desist order with the Securities and Exchange Commission and agreed to pay... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Germany, Indonesia Corruption
British Virgin Islands Amends Mutual Assistance Act to Require Enhanced Transparency of Corporate Service Providers On  November 26, 2012, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) government published the BVI Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) (Amendment) Act, 2012 in the Official Gazette, requiring that all BVI... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Virgin Islands Mutual Legal Assistance, Tax Enforcement, Transparency
Former Planning Minister Found Guilty of Genocide and Other Crimes by International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda In December 20, 2012, in the case involving the last defendant to be tried by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Augustin Ngirabatware was found guilty of genocide, incitement to commit... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Germany, Rwanda Crimes against Humanity, Genocide, INTERPOL, International Criminal Tribunal
The Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act: An Extraterritorial Instrument with a Good Cause?   Introduction                   The Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law... Konstantinos D. Magliveras 29 3 2013-03-01 Russia, United States Fraud, Human Rights, International Convention
South Korea Denies Extradition for Yasukuni Suspect and Sends Him to China Instead On January 3, 2012, the 20th Criminal Division at the Seoul High Court denied an extradition request by Japan for Lui Qiang to face charges for throwing a gasoline bomb to Japan’s Yashukuni... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 China, Japan, South Korea Extradition
Swiss Bank Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Evade U.S. Taxes On January 3, 2012, Wegelin & Co., a Swiss private bank, pleaded guilty for conspiring with U.S. taxpayers and others to hide more than $1.2 billion in secret Swiss bank accounts and income... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Switzerland, United States Tax Enforcement
U.S. Court Rules in Favor of U.S. Government in Secrecy Over Targeted Killings On January 2, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon ruled that, although numerous high-level United States government executive branch officials have revealed the process whereby it decides... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 United States Law of War, Transparency
U.K. Extradites Terrorist Suspect to the U.S. On January 3, 2013, the United Kingdom extradited Abid Naseer, 26 years of age, who is accused of directing an al-Qaeda conspiracy to conduct bombings in the U.S. and Europe to the United States.[1] Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States Extradition, International Cooperation, Terrorism
Controversies Surrounding Council of Europe’s Convention Against Manipulation of Sports Results, Notably Match-Fixing   At the 1122nd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies on September 28th, 2011, the Committee of Ministers adopted Recommendation CM/Rec(2011)10 to member states on promotion of the integrity of... Michael Plachta 29 3 2013-03-01 European Union, Europe Council of the European Union, International Gaming
ICC Acquits Ngudjolo Chui and Dismisses Prosecutor’s Request that Remain in Custody On December 18, 2012, the judges of Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court acquitted Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui of all charges in the Court’s second judgment and subsequently ordered his... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Cambodia, Congo, Rwanda International Courts, International Criminal Court
Recent Initiatives Aimed at Engaging the International Criminal Court in the Syrian Conflict On January 14th, 2013, the Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations sent a letter to the President of the UN Security Council.[2] Fifty six states from every region in the... Michael Plachta 29 3 2013-03-01 Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Syria, World Genocide, Human Rights, International Convention, International Courts, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Tribunal, United Nations
UBS Japan Pleads Guilty and UBS Pays $1.5 Billion Over Manipulation Of Libor as Criminal Investigations against 12 Banks Continue On December 19, 2012, UBS agreed to a record settlement with a few governments, with the payment of $1.5 billion in fines for its role in a multiyear scheme to manipulate interest rates.[1] Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Germany, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States Fraud
Interpol Red Notice Helps Australia Arrest Russian Arms Dealer Wanted by the U.S. On January 10, 2013, Australian authorities, with the assistance of an Interpol Red Notice issued at the request of U.S. authorities, arrested Richard Ammar Chichakli, an alleged associate of Russian... Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-03-01 Australia, United States INTERPOL, International Cooperation
Council of Europe Sets up a Special Group of Experts on Organized Crime At their 1155th meeting on November 21, 2012, the Ministers’ Deputies from all member states of the Council of Europe decided to set up an ad hoc Drafting Group on Transnational Organized Crime (PC-... Michael Plachta 29 3 2013-03-01 European Union, United States Council of the European Union
Bibliography of Books, Articles, and Documents - March 2013   BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS, ARTICLES, AND DOCUMENTS - March 2013                         by Bruce Zagaris   I.             BOOKS   II.            ARTICLES   A.      Aliens and Migration Bruce Zagaris 29 3 2013-01-04