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Swiss Company and Subsidiaries Conclude Deferred Prosecution Agreements to Resolve Foreign Corrupt Practices Charges On September 29, 2010, ABB Ltd., a Swiss corporation, and two of its subsidiaries agreed to a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) and agreed to the filing of a criminal information charging its... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 Mexico, Switzerland, Iraq Corruption, Fraud, Oversight, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Penalties
Eurojust and Europol Help Dismantle Network of Albanian-Speaking Criminals On August 17, 2010, a Eurojust-Europol press release explained how Eurojust and Europol had helped to dismantle a criminal network of approximately 100 individuals, composed mainly of Albanian-... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 Europe, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Albania, European Union European Union, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Law Enforcement, Seizure, Investigation, Cross-Border Communication, Europol, European Commission, Eurojust
European Commission Issues Opinion on Investigation Order in Criminal Matters On August 24, 2010, the European Commission adopted an opinion on a proposal by seven EU Members (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) for a European Investigation Order (... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 Europe, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Norway, Sweden International Cooperation, Computer Crimes, Internet Crime, Cross-Border Communication, Europol
African Union Asks UN Security Counsel to Delay Al-Bashir Prosecution On September 24, 2010, the African Union sent a letter to the United Nations Security Council, requesting a delay for one year the prosecution of Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir on charges of... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 Africa, Sudan United Nations, Genocide, International Criminal Court, Prosecution
Thai Criminal Court Ruling Prepares Bout Extradition On October 5, 2010, the Thai Criminal Court dismissed additional money-laundering and fraud charges against alleged Russian arms smuggler Viktor Bout, thereby eliminating one of the last hurdles to... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 United States, Russia, Thailand Money Laundering, Extradition, Terrorism, Arms Trafficking, Fraud, International Cooperation, International Criminal Court
European Commission Demands Implementation of Mutual Recognition to Confiscation Orders On August 23, 2010, the European Commission issued a report, showing ineffective enforcement implementation of the Council Framework Decision 2006.783/JHA on the application of the principle of... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 Europe, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Latvia, Romania, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Netherlands Antilles, European Union European Union, Mutual Legal Assistance, Organized Crime, Asset Forfeiture, Economic Integration, Law Enforcement, Economic Crimes, International Crimes, European Commission
Eurojust Coordinates Take Down of Computer Servers Hosting Computer Piracy in 13 Countries On September 7, 2010, Eurojust coordinated police and judicial action in thirteen countries against groups of computer servers hosting pirated material and networks disseminating it...(more)... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, Sweden, European Union European Union, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement, Computer Crimes, International Crimes, Internet Crime
Trinidadian Attorney General Orders Two Nationals Extradited to the U.S. On Airport Fraud Charges On October 10, 2010, Trinidad and Tobago Attorney General Anand Ramlogan in a press release ordered two nationals, Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, extradited to the U.S., refusing their... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 Trinidad and Tobago Money Laundering, Corruption, Administration of Justice, Extradition, Fraud, Penalties
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS, ARTICLES AND DOCUMENTS Books A. International Narcotics Control Victoria Bruce and Karen Hayes with Jorge Enrique Botero, Hostage Nation: Colombia’s Guerrilla Army and Failed War on Drugs (Knopf, 2010, $26.95)...(more)... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 World Bibliography
Trial Judge Precludes Prosecution from Calling Witness Due to Product of Statements by Accused to CIA Under Duress On October 5, 2010, U.S. District Court Judge Lewis A. Kaplan issued an order granting the motion of defendant, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, to preclude the prosecution from calling Hussein Abebe as a... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 United States, Kenya, tanzania Terrorism, Murder, International Courts, Prisoner Rights, Evidence Gathering, Investigation, Prosecution, Interrogation, Trial
EU Justice and Home Affairs Council Agree on Several Criminal Matters On October 7-8, 2010, the European Union Justice and Home Affairs Council held its 2034 Council meeting and continued to strengthen international enforcement cooperation and criminal justice... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Ireland, Canada, European Union European Union, Sex Crimes, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement, Evidence Sharing, Cross-Border Communication, European Commission, Eurojust, EU Justice and Home Affairs Council
Guatemala and Central American Countries Plagued by Organized Crime Increasingly Guatemala and Central American countries are struggling to respond to the rise of gangs, transnational organized crime, especially narcotics groups, and the ease with which they move and... Bruce Zagaris 26 12 2010-12-01 United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Central America Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Gang Activity, Border Security