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U.S. Appellate Court Affirms Extradition, Conviction of Tax Fraud Leader On December 28, 2006, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed in part and remanded in part the tax-crime related conviction of Keith E. Anderson and his extradition from Costa Rica... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Costa Rica Money Laundering, Extradition, Taxation
EU Council Asks Commission to Prepare Tax Fraud Strategy On November 28, 2006, during the 2766th ECOFIN Council meeting, the Council focused on developing a strategy to combat fax fraud, especially in the area of indirect taxation. The Council invited the... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 Europe Taxation, European Union
EU, Western Balkans Discuss Cooperation against Organized Crime At the November 17, 2006 EU-Western Balkans Ministerial Forum on Justice and Home Affairs, Kari Rajamäki, Finnish Minister of the Interior, underscored the need for Western Balkans countries to... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 Europe, Balkans International Organizations, European Union, Organized Crime
German EU Presidency Announces Program on Police and Judicial Cooperation On December 22, 2006, the German Presidency announced its program on police and judicial cooperation for the Council of the European Union. 1. Expanding the European Information Network The... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 Europe, Germany European Union, Mutual Legal Assistance
Hariri and Lebanon: Rethinking International Criminal Tribunals On February 14, 2005, a car bombing in Beirut killed five-time former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, along with 22 others. The attack also led to 220 injuries and extensive property damage.... Konstantinos D. Magliveras 23 3 2007-03-01 Syria, Lebanon Murder, United Nations, International Courts
OAS Permanent Council Adopts Hemispheric Plan of Action Against Transnational Organized Crime On October 26, 2006, The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States adopted a resolution which, inter alia, adopted the Hemispheric Plan of Action against Transnational Organized Crime... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 World, North America, Latin America and South America International Organizations, Organized Crime
Saddam Hussein Executed Four Days After Appeals Court Upholds Death Sentence On December 30, 2006, Iraqi officials executed former president Saddam Hussein, 69, by hanging for his role in the killings of 148 men and boys in the northern town of Dujail. Hussein was hanged... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Iraq Human Rights, Law of War, Capital Punishment
Book Review: Separating Fools from Their Money: A History of American Financial Scandals This book reviews the history of financial scandals in the U.S. from the dawn of the U.S. as a republic to the present, focusing on three periods – the Gilded Age of the late 19th century, the... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 World Money Laundering, Securities Law, White Collar Crime
U.K. Arrests Four Rwanda Genocide Suspects for Potential Extradition On December 28, 2006, four men accused of participating in the 1994 Rwanda genocide were remanded to custody in a proceeding at the City of Westminster’s Magistrates Court following a formal... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 France, United Kingdom, Rwanda Extradition, Human Rights, War Crimes, Genocide
Mass U.S. Criminal Deportations Overwhelm Caribbean A growing number of reports suggest that the U.S. policy of deporting aliens who commit domestic crimes to the Caribbean is overwhelming Caribbean law enforcement agencies, who struggle to cope with... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Caribbean Immigration
OECD Launches Tax Intermediary Project On January 17, 2007, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced a new work program to examine the role of tax intermediaries – law and accounting firms, other tax... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 World Due Diligence, International Organizations, Taxation
Spain Arrests Isabel Perón on Argentine Extradition Warrant for Crimes against Humanity On January 12, 2007, Spanish law enforcement authorities arrested Isabel Perón, the former Argentinian president and widow of former Argentine president Juan Perón, on an international arrest warrant... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 Spain, Argentina Extradition, Human Rights, Immunity, War Crimes, Genocide
U.S. Appellate Court Overturns Life Imprisonment, Citing Specialty Violation On January 22, 2007, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a pre curiam opinion reversing district court denial of a habeas corpus petition brought by a man challenging his life... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Venezuela Extradition, Human Rights
U.S. Seeks Gaming Records from U.K. Investment Banks Reports that the U.S. Department of Justice has subpoenaed gaming documents from a number of prominent investment banks have caused an uproar in the U.K. business world. The subpoenas, which appear... Jed Borod 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Caribbean, United Kingdom International Gaming, International Organizations, Securities Law
U.S. Arrests Two NETeller Founders On January 15, 2007, U.S. law enforcement arrested two founders of NETeller PLC, a payment processor allegedly used by gaming Web sites. Stephen Lawrence, 46, and John Lefebvre, 55, were charged... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Money Laundering, International Gaming
Al-Marri Case Tests U.S. Ability to Designate Unlawful Enemy Combatants Criminal justice professionals and the international human rights community are focusing on the Ali Saleh Kahlah Al-Marri case, now pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which... Bruce Zagaris 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Middle East, Qatar Human Rights, National Security, Terrorism
Mexico Extradites Fugitives to U.S. in "Historic Delivery" On January 19, 2007, Mexican President Felipe Calderon extradited fifteen fugitives to the U.S. in an unprecedented transfer. Commenting on the news, U.S. Attorney General Gonzales said: "Never... Rodrigo Labardini 23 3 2007-03-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking