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Book Review: Regulatory Frameworks for Hawala and Other Remittance Systems In the last five years the international community and especially the organizations responsible for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financial enforcement have focused attention on the... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 World Money Laundering, Terrorism
Bush Transfers 14 Detainees to Guantánamo, Confirms Existence of Secret Prisons On September 6, 2006, U.S. President George W. Bush announced that 14 of the most notorious terror detainees had been transferred from Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) custody to the U.S. Guantánamo... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, Europe Human Rights, National Security, Terrorism
Council of Europe Recommends Measures to Assist Crime Victims On June 14, 2006, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers adopted a Recommendation on assisting crime victims. The Recommendation seeks to ensure effective recognition of, and respect for the... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 Europe European Union
German Privacy Watchdog Orders Banks to Stop Sharing Information with U.S. On August 24, 2006, a Germany privacy watchdog told Germany banks to ensure that confidential data was not unnecessarily transmitted to U.S. authorities. The Schleswig-Holstein independent data... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, Europe, Germany Bank Secrecy, Privacy
U.S. Arrests Two Suspects in Ciudad Juarez Murders as Mexico Ends Federal Investigation The U.S. has arrested two suspects in the murders of young women in Ciudad Jurarez, Mexico. On August 15, 2006, U.S. authorities in Denver, Colorado arrested Edgar Alvarez Cruz on immigration... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, Mexico Murder, Sex Crimes
European Union Continues Fight Against Human Trafficking While slavery in its traditional form may have been largely eliminated, the last 25 years of seen the rise of human trafficking, a modern form of slavery. International law defines this troubling... Konstantinos D. Magliveras 22 11 2006-11-01 Europe Human Trafficking, European Union
U.S. Court Suppresses “Involuntary” Rwanda Confessions On August 17, 2006, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a lengthy, 109-page opinion suppressing statements made by three Rwandan defendants being prosecuted for the 1999... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, Uganda, Rwanda Human Rights, Mutual Legal Assistance, Torture
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves U.S.-U.K. Extradition Treaty On September 7, 2006, the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved the U.S.-U.K. extradition treaty, bringing the U.S. ratification process closer to completion. Signed in 2003, the... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, United Kingdom Extradition
U.S. Arrests Sportingbet CEO on Louisiana Criminal Charges On September 6, 2006, U.S. law enforcement officers arrested Peter Dicks at Kennedy International Airport in New York. Dicks, the chairman of U.K.-based online sports book Sportingbet, was arrested... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, United Kingdom International Gaming
U.S. and Dominican Republic Crack Money Remitting Operation On August 31, 2006, three persons from the Boston area appeared in U.S. District Court following their arrest on money laundering, currency reporting, and drug distribution charges in connection with... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, Colombia, Dominican Republic Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, Mutual Legal Assistance
Mexico Extradites Alleged Narcotics Kingpin to the U.S. On September 16, 2006, the Mexican government extradited accused drug lord Arrellano Félix to the United States. The extradition, the first where a major figure in the violent Mexican drug trade has... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, Mexico Drugs & Trafficking
U.S. Detains Bounty Hunter on 2003 Mexican Kidnaping Charges On September 14, 2006, U.S. federal marshals in Hawaii arrested well-known bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman on kidnaping charges arising out of the 2003 capture of a U.S. fugitive in Mexico. In... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Jurisdiction, Kidnaping
Cayman Issues Tax Information Exchange Law Regulations On May 9, 2006, the Cayman Islands issued regulations under the 2005 Tax Information Authority Law, which entered into force on September 1, 2005. The law and the new regulations provide a framework... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 Cayman Islands Bank Secrecy, Taxation, Mutual Legal Assistance
OECD Forum on Tax Administration Agrees to Combat International Tax Non-Compliance In a closing statement Mark W. Everson, IRS Commissioner and Chair of the Forum, said that the Forum identified four areas in which members will increase existing work or start new work under the... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 United States International Organizations, Taxation
ICC Submits Annual Report to UN General Assembly August 3, 2006, in accordance with Article 6 of the Relationship Agreement between the UN and the International Criminal Court (ICC) and paragraph 12 of Assembly resolution 60/29, the Court... Bruce Zagaris 22 11 2006-11-01 World, Africa Human Rights, War Crimes, International Courts