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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
U.S. Conducts Operation Against Black Market Peso Exchange On June 24, 2005, Drug Enforcement Administration head Karen P. Tandy announced the successful results of Operation Mallorca, a 27-month investigation that targeted the alleged money laundering... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 United States, Colombia Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Customs Enforcement, Trade Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking
U.S. Extradition from the U.K. Engenders Controversies The U.S. government has gradually expanded its authority to gain custody of non-nationals through extradition and alternative means. U.S. extradition requests for three British nationals for... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 United States, United Kingdom Extradition, Jurisdiction, Transfer of Prisoners, Securities Law, White Collar Crime
EU Proposes Second Generation of Schengen Information System On June 1, 2005, the European Commission presented three proposals to establish the second generation of the Schengen Information System (SIS II), which will supercede the current SIS. The SIS II... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 Europe European Union, Mutual Legal Assistance, Privacy, Economic Integration
AIDP Urges UN to Reinstate Mandate of Human Rights Expert in Afghanistan On June 4, 2005, the board of the International Association of Penal Law (commonly known by its French name Association Internationale de Droit Penal or its French acronym AIDP), met at the Palais de... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 World, France, Afghanistan Human Rights, International Organizations, Law of War, United Nations
Colombian Congress Will Hold Hearings About Immunity for U.S. Troops Responding to the demands of the Colombian inspector general, the Colombian Congress will hold hearings reviewing the 1974 U.S.-Colombian diplomatic agreement affording U.S. troops in Colombia... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 United States, Colombia Human Rights, Immunity, Jurisdiction
ICTY Postpones Closing Date Due to Kingpin Fugitives In a June 8, 2005, letter to the U.N. Security Council, Judge Theodor Meron, president of the International Criminal Tribunal for War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia, said that the tribunal would not... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 Balkans Human Rights, Law of War, War Crimes, Genocide, International Courts
EC Proposes New Initiative to Combat Organized Crime On June 2, 2005, the European Commission adopted a Communication on "developing a strategic concept on tackling organized crime" which includes strengthening tools and improving enforcement... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 Europe International Organizations, European Union, Organized Crime
EU and Libya Discuss Immigration and Human Trafficking Enforcement Cooperation The European Union and the Libyan government are discussing human trafficking and immigration enforcement cooperation. On June 3, 2005, the EU, at the request of Italy and Malta, decided to help... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 Europe, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Immigration, National Security, European Union
EU and Hungarian Customs Host Seminar on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy On April 4-7, 2005, in Budapest, Hungary, the European Commission, together with the Hungarian customs administration, hosted a seminar on combating counterfeiting and piracy. The conference... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 Europe, Hungary Counterfeiting, Customs Enforcement, Intellectual Property, Trade Enforcement, Forgery
Spanish Government Conducts Multi-Country Operation Against Former Soviet Gangs On June 20, 2005, the Spanish police arrested 28 alleged mafia bosses from former Soviet republics in 11cities and resort towns in Alicante, Catalonia, and Costa del Sol. According to the police,... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 Spain, Russia Money Laundering, International Organizations, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime
Mexican Attorney General Cracks Cuban Immigrant Smuggling Ring in Cancun On June 20, 2005, The Mexican Attorney General and agents of the Federal Agency of Investigation (AFI) detained two leaders of an organization smuggling Cubans into the United States through Cancun... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 United States, Mexico, Cuba Human Trafficking, Immigration, National Security
U.S. and Czech Authorities Closing in on Kozeny A Bahamian media source reported that Lyford Cay resident Viktor Kozeny, who has been charged with 17 counts of fraud-related charges in the United States, faces the choice of surrendering to U.S.... Bruce Zagaris 21 8 2005-08-01 United States, Czech Republic, Bahamas Extradition, Securities Law, Fraud, White Collar Crime