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Liberalizing E.C. Capital Movements At Price of Tax Avoidance On February 8, 1989, a formal proposal was issued for a 15% withholding tax on interest income throughout the European Community and for increased cooperation within the Community by the national tax... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1989-02-01 Europe Tax Enforcement
Langer's Practical International Tax Planning Supplement Covers Enforcement Developments Release No. 3 to Marshall J. Langer’s Practical International Tax Planning continues to highlight developments in enforcement that impact international tax planning.  For instance, it contains a new... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1989-02-01 United States Tax Enforcement
IRS and State Department Implement International Tax Compliance The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of State have established procedures to start computer checks against State Department passport files to identify possible nonfilers. Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1989-02-01 United States Tax Enforcement
Irish Attorney General Refuses Extradition of Alleged Terrorist to British Authorities The Attorney General of Ireland has recently refused the extradition of an alleged Irish terrorist to British Authorities, after deciding that he would not be able to obtain a fair trial in England... Bruce Zagaris and Stephen Gardner 2 5 1989-02-01 Ireland Extradition
Hearings on Anti-Terrorism and War Powers Act The Arms Control, International Security and Science Affairs Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee held hearings to examine the role of Congress in the war against international... Doris Weidinger 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Counter-terrorism
Australia Enacts Liberalized Extradition Legislation Australia has enacted a statute containing liberalized extradition procedures, facilitating the extradition of fugitives both to and from Australia.  Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (No. 2... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 Australia Extradition
Australia Becomes Active in Promoting International Criminal Cooperation In an updated text dated March 21, 1986, of a speech delivered on October 2, 1985, Mr. Lionel Bowen, the Deputy Prime Minister, elaborated on Australia's continuing fight against crime, including its... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 Australia Adjective Enforcement
Computer Crimes: Combining to Face an International Challenge Within the last several years, the international community has become increasingly alert to the need to take effective action to combat the international aspects of computer-related crime. T. Michael Peay 2 5 1986-05-01 World Computer Crimes
AILA Endorses the Establishment of Project for Asylum Appeals The American Immigration Lawyers Association Committee on Asylum and Refugees in a report to the Board of Governors has endorsed and supports the establishment of a national project to coordinate... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Asylum
AILA Prepares to Help Fight INS Investigations Against Attorneys At its Board of Governors Meeting on March 14, 1986, AILA has reacted strongly to what it considers use of unfair tactics by the U.S. Government and particularly to increased investigatory operations... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 United States International Law
U.S. Government Calls It Quits on Fraud Prosecution of Attorney On April 30, 1986, Charles R. Brewer, the U.S. Attorney in Asheville, realizing that his chances for a successful prosecution even as a matter of law were hopeless, asked the judge, The Honorable... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Fraud
Hearing Reports on Immigration Marriage Fraud Available Reports of hearings held by the Subcommittee on Immigration and Refugee Policy of the Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate on "Immigration Marriage Fraud" on July 26, 1985 have been published.  Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Immigration
Book Reviews: Gray Markets and Parallel Importation: Protectionism vs. Free Trade, by David Bender and David Gerber (eds.) Gray Markets and Parallel Importation is a hands-on guide for the practitioner advising clients in the U.S. and abroad on the practical aspects of importing gray market and parallel goods. Clemens J.M. Kochinke 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Trade Enforcement
U.S. Lawyers Continue to Resist Cash Reporting Section 6050I of the Internal Revenue Code, enacted as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1984, requires the recipient (e.g. a bank, or a financial institution) of a cash payment or related series of... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Bank Secrecy
Broad Scope of Money Laundering Bills Is Criticized The Subcommittee of Financial Institutions of the House Committee on Banking, Finance & Urban Affairs, chaired by Congressman Fernand St. Germain, continued money laundering hearings on May 14,... Doris Weidinger and Constantine G. Papavizas 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Money Laundering
Interpol Secretary General Highlights Action on Money Laundering and Terrorism Ray Kendall, the Secretary-General of Interpol, en route from a conference in the Bahamas on forefeiture of assets and money laundering, discussed with the IELR recent developments in INTERPOL.  Mr.... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 World INTERPOL
Tokyo Summit Agrees on Methods to Fight International Terrorism At the recent Tokyo summit the governments of the seven major industrial democracies and the representatives of the European Community agreed to take measures to fight terrorism within the framework... Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 Japan Counter-terrorism
Proposed Legislation to Combat Terrorism Combatting terrorism has become a focal point of U.S. foreign policy and a concern of Americans both at home and abroad.  The number of terrorist-related incidents in recent weeks underscores the... Doris Weidinger and Bruce Zagaris 2 5 1986-05-01 United States Counter-terrorism