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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
EU Proposes Extension of Directive on Mutual Assistance in Tax Investigation On September 9, 2003, the European Commission proposed legislation to aid cross-border cooperation attempts for fighting tax evasion. The proposal?s provisions encourage countries? tax agencies to... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 Europe Taxation, European Union
US-EU Extradition and Mutual Assistance Agreements Are an Important Milestone On July 19, 2003 the European Union published texts of EU-US agreements on extradition and mutual assistance, which were signed on June 25, 2003. The agreements that were signed in the context of... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 United States, Europe Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance
Agreement of Cooperation in Criminal Matters between Brazil and Switzerland is Close to Being Executed Brazil and Switzerland have just concluded negotiations of agreements regarding cooperation against financial crimes, corruption, trafficking of drugs, women, and weapons and other crimes. A primary... Jorge Nemr 19 11 2003-11-01 Brazil, Switzerland Taxation, Mutual Legal Assistance
England Arrests Ex-Iranian Diplomat Wanted by Argentina On August 21, 2003 England arrested Hadi Soleimanpour, a former Iranian ambassador to Argentina, after Argentina requested his extradition. He was charged with conspiring in the bombing of a Jewish... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 United Kingdom, Iran, Argentina Extradition, Terrorism
Inter-American Convention against Terrorism Takes Effect Nicaragua became the sixth signer of the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism on June 10, 2003. The Treaty aims to prevent, punish and eliminate terrorism, and will take effect in July. Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 Latin America and South America Terrorism
Iran Announces It Will Try Al-Qaeda Suspects Instead of Extraditing Them On September 24, 2003, Iranian foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi announced that Iran would try suspected al-Qaeda activists and will deny U.S. demands for their extradition to home countries. This... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia Extradition, Terrorism
Belgian Court Dismisses War Crimes Complaints On September 24, 2003, Belgium?s highest court dismissed complaints against several political figures, including Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President George W. Bush, and Secretary of State Colin... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 United States, Belgium, Israel Jurisdiction, War Crimes
ICC ASP Meets and Elects Deputy Prosecutor and Board for Victims Trust Fund The Assembly of States Parties (ASP) of the International Criminal Court met for the second time on September 8-12, 2003. Serge Brammertz of Belgium was elected as Deputy Prosecutor for... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 World International Courts
U.S. Creates Multiagency Task Force to Investigate Laundering by Foreign Politicians The United States government used provisions from the USA PATRIOT Act to create new multiagency task forces to investigate money laundering allegations in six Latin American countries. Task forces... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 United States, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy
ICTY and Rwanda Tribunal Developments UN Secretary General Kofi Annan announced he would split the job of prosecutor in the in the international tribunals of Rwanda and Yugoslavia (ICTY), and appointed Hassan Jallow as head prosecutor in... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 Balkans, Rwanda International Courts
Legal Controversy in the A.G. Oates Extradition Case A.G. Oates was handed over to Australian authorities on June 20, 2003, ending the longest-running extradition case in Poland, which was submitted in July 1996. The proceedings were prolonged by... Michael Plachta 19 11 2003-11-01 United Kingdom, Poland, Australia Extradition
UN Security Approves Resolution Defining Attacks against Humanitarian Workers as War Crime On August 26, 2003, the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution which defined attacks against humanitarian workers as a war crime, after Mexico eliminated language citing the... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 World United Nations, War Crimes
English Court Dismisses Russian Extradition Request for Tycoon On September 12, 2003 the British media reported English courts dismissed Russia?s extradition case against tycoon Boris Berezovsky. Britain had already granted him asylum days before Russia... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 United Kingdom, Russia Extradition
UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime Takes Effect as EU Proposes Ratification On September 1, 2003, the European Commission moved to ratify the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) and its three protocols on behalf of its member states.... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 Europe European Union, United Nations
Greece Arrests Ex-Media Mogul on Russian Extradition Request On August 23, 2003, Greek sources reported that law enforcement had apprehended Vladimir Gusinsky two days before, a fugitive from Russia charged with defrauding the government of $250 million. He... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 Russia, Greece Extradition
Libyan Payments Help Secure Support for Ending of International Sanctions On September 12, 2003 the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to end sanctions against Libya, with the United States and France abstaining. The decision came after the Libyan... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 World, France, United Kingdom, Economic Sanctions, United Nations
Spain Rejects Court?s Extradition Request for Argentine ?Dirty War? Violations, but Argentina Arrests Astiz on French Extradition Request The Spanish government overturned the ruling of one of its courts on August 29, 2003, rejecting Judge Baltasar Garz?n?s request to extradite 40 persons accused of genocide for their actions in... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 France, Spain, Argentina Extradition
Six Former Soviet Countries Agree to Accede to OECD Anti-Corruption Pact Six transition governments - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, and Ukraine ? signed an anti-corruption agreement with the Organization for European Cooperation and... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 Europe Corruption
Belgium?s Controversial War Crimes Law Amended On July 29, 2003 the Belgian Parliament amended a law against serious human rights violation, which gave its courts? jurisdiction over alleged violations around the world and had led to charges... Florian Hausweisner 19 11 2003-11-01 United States, Belgium, Israel, Cuba Jurisdiction, War Crimes
U.S. Indicts Swiss Lawyer and Implicates Azerbaijan Leaders in Bribes In September, 2003, a U.S. grand jury indicted Swiss lawyer Hans Bodmer on charges that he bribed four senior Azeri officials in their planned privatization of Azerbaijan?s state-run oil company,... Bruce Zagaris 19 11 2003-11-01 United States, Switzerland, Azerbaijan Corruption