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Brazil Enacts Inter-American Convention Against Corruption On October 7, 2002, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso enacted Decree no. 4,410, by means of which Brazil commits itself-American Convention against Corruption, adopted in Caracas on March 29, 1998... Jorge Nemr 19 1 2003-01-01 Brazil Corruption, International Organizations
New Obligations for Attorneys under German Anti-Money Laundering Act Despite vehement criticism by the German Bar Association, the new Anti-Money-Laundering Act (hereafter German AML Act) became effective in its main parts on August 15, 2002, after its approval by the... Florian Hauswiesner 19 1 2003-01-01 Europe, Germany Money Laundering, European Union
Canada Issue Cross-Border Currency and Monetary Instruments Reporting Regs On November 26, 2002, the Canadian Cross-Border Currency and Monetary Instruments Reporting Regulations were published in the Canada Gazette and become effective January 6, 2003. These are the final... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Canada, United States, United Kingdom Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy
British Dependent Territories Try to Fight British Demand to Participate in the EU Savings Directive During November 23-24, 2002 ministers from the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Montserrat and Anguilla met in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, to respond to a British... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Europe, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands Bank Secrecy, Taxation, European Union, Economic Integration
U.S. Appellate Court Overturns Canadian Excise Tax Conviction Due to Revenue Rule On September 30, 2002, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned a conviction of five persons on six counts of wire fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. §343 on the basis that a... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Canada, United States Taxation, Fraud
Head of Irish Revenue Commission Says New International Enforcement Cooperation Will Facilitate Successful Prosecution of Tax Criminals In a speech delivered November 20, 2002, Frank Daly, the Irish Revenue Commissioner, promised that international tax enforcement cooperative developments would enable the Irish Revenue Commission to... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Ireland Taxation, Economic Integration
IRS Increase Pressure on International Schemes On November 14, 2002, a U.S. District Court sentenced Wayne Anderson, 63, and Richard Marks, 59, in connection with an offshore tax crime and money laundering scheme. Anderson?s Ark &... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States Money Laundering, Taxation
Bermuda Appellate Court Gives US Victory in Braswell TIEA Case On November 28, 2002, the Court of Appeals for Bermuda gave the United States and Bermuda Governments a unanimous 3-0 victory in their appeal of a decision of the lower court in efforts to obtain... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Bermuda Taxation
U.S. Announces Break Up of International Ecstasy Trafficking Group On November 5, 2002, Drug Enforcement Administration officials announced multiple arrests and cracking of an international narcotics ring involving Dominican drug dealers in New York that imported... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States, Netherlands Drugs & Trafficking
Blair Administration Introduces Bill to Simplify Extradition On November 14, 2002, the Blair Administration introduces new legislation to modernize its extradition legislation to cover tax and customs matter. The bill incorporates the European arrest warrant... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Europe, United Kingdom Extradition, European Union
Russia Requests Berevsky Extradition from Denmark and Qatar On October 30, 2002, the Danish Government arrested a senior Chechen leader, Akhmed Zakayev, the 43 year-old deputy prime minister of the Chechen Separatist government in exile, on charges that he... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States, Russia, , Qatar Extradition, Human Rights
Russia Requests Berezovsky Extradition from England On November 6, 2002, the media reported that Russia has requested England to arrest and extradite Boris A. Berezovsky, the prominent Russian businessman and former media mogul, on charges that he and... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United Kingdom, Russia Terrorism
South Africa Arrests U.S. Murder Suspect On November 8, 2002, the South African Government arrested James Kilgore, a former member of the radical Symbionese Liberation Army, 27 years after he fled California on murder charges. According to... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States, South Africa Extradition
Tensions Occur Between Canada and U.S. over U.S. Scrutiny of Canadians of Middle Eastern Descent Tensions have risen between Canada and the U.S. due to new U.S. security regulations requiring fingerprinting and interrogating of Canadians born in several Middle Eastern countries and several... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Canada, United States Immigration, National Security, Terrorism
U.S. Refuses Access to Testimony of Al Qaeda Suspects in German Prosecution On November 19, 2002, Hans Leistritz, a counsel for Mounir el-Motassadeq, who is being prosecuted in Hamburg, Germany for his involvement in the planning of the September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States, Germany Human Rights, Law of War, Terrorism, Mutual Legal Assistance
Georgia Agrees to Extradite Chechens to Russia On November 29, 2002, the Georgian Government announced it would extradite three more of the 13 Chechen detained by Georgia on the border with Russia in August. A diplomatic flap arose when Georgian... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Russia, Georgia Human Rights, Terrorism
Germans and French Agree to Give Evidence in Moussaoui Case On November 27, 2002, French and German authorities agreed to furnish evidence requested by the U.S. in the U.S. prosecution of French national Zacarias Moussaoui after the U.S. Government assured... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States, France, Germany Terrorism, Mutual Legal Assistance
Brazil and Switzerland Discuss International Cooperation On October 14, 2002, a Brazilian delegation headed by the National Secretary of Justice traveled to Switzerland in order to meet representative of the Federal Department of Justice and other federal... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 Brazil, Switzerland Mutual Legal Assistance
U.S. Treasury Designates Three Organizations as Terrorist Funders On November 19, 2002, the Treasury Department designated three related organizations as financial supporters of terrorism under Executive order 13224 and requested that the United Nations also list... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States Terrorism
South African Apartheid Victims Sue Multinationals On November 12, 2002, a complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York on behalf of dozens of South Africans who allege they are victims of acts by twenty-two... Bruce Zagaris 19 1 2003-01-01 United States, South Africa, Spain Human Rights