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U.N. Report Calls for Creation of Organization to Help with International Tax Enforcement On July 6, 2001, the United Nations released a report calling for the examination of creating an International Tax Organization (ITO), whose powers would include helping curb international tax... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 World Taxation, United Nations
U.S. Congress Holds Hearing on U.S. Position on Offshore Tax Havens On July 18, 2001, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations held a hearing on the U.S. Position on Offshore Tax Havens, designed to press the Bush Administration to take vigorous... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States Taxation
Bermuda Court Denies US Tax Information Exchange Due to Attorney-Client Privilege On May 18, 2001, the Supreme Court of Bermuda denied a U.S. request for exchange of tax information in a celebrated case because of the taxpayers involved and the involvement of the interaction of... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States, Bermuda Taxation
Developments in Bermuda’s Anti-Money Laundering Regime Bermuda’s businesses have implemented “know your customer” practices since the early 1980s. With the introduction of the Proceeds of Crime Act 1997 (the “Act”) the regime was formalized, and... Appleby Spurling & Kempe, Bermuda 17 9 2001-09-01 Bermuda Money Laundering
Belgian Judge Charges 3 Kazak Businessmen With Money Laundering On July 6, 2001, the media reported that according to Joe Colpen of the Brussels city prosecutor’s office, a Belgian judge has charged three of Kazakstan’s leading businessmen with money laundering... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 Belgium, Kazakhstan Money Laundering
Canadian Court Orders Surrender to Thailand on Fraud Conspiracy In 2000, the Supreme Court of the British Columbia dismissed preliminary objections of S and ordered S’s committal for surrender to the Kingdom of Thailand on charges of conspiracy of fraud. The... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 Canada, Thailand Extradition, Fraud
France Extradites Einhorn to the U.S. On July 19, 2001, France handed over Ira Einhorn to the U.S., ending an extradition battle that had carried on approximately four years. On July 12, 2001, the Council of State, France’s highest... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States, France Extradition
U.S. Congress Considers Conflict Diamonds Law In March 2001 Representative Tony Hall, with the support of 80 other Congressmen, submitted a bill aimed at placing controls on the importation of conflict diamonds Titled “Clean Diamonds Act.” The... Meredith Beach 17 9 2001-09-01 Africa Economic Sanctions
EU Issues Report on Strategy to Prevent Organized Crime Following the May 2001 European Union Forum on the prevention of organized crime, the EU Commission issued a working paper on its strategy to prevent organized crime. The report arises from a... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 Europe European Union, Organized Crime
Cambodia Rejects UN Request on Relationship Agreement with UN on Proposed Tribunal On June 30, 2001, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen rejected a U.N. demand that his government sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the U.N. governing its relationship with the U.N. on the... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 Cambodia United Nations, War Crimes
Belgium Condemns Four for Involvement in Rwandan Genocide On June 2, 2001 a Belgian court convicted four Rwandan nationals for their involvement in the 1994 genocide in their home country. They were found guilty of having committed serious violations of... Tom Scheirs 17 9 2001-09-01 Belgium, Rwanda Human Rights, War Crimes, Genocide
CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting At the heads of government meeting on July 3-6, 2001, in Nassau, Bahamas, the following excerpt from the CARICOM communique that was released prioritized tackling the regional security and criminal... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 Caribbean International Organizations, Securities Law, Economic Integration
U.S. Court Holds Redesignation of Foreign Terrorists Groups Violates Due Process On June 8, 2001, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit agreed with two organizations designated as foreign terrorists that the designations did not comply with the... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States Terrorism
U.S. Will Free Convicted Aliens and Threatens Countries Refusing to Accept Their Return On July 19, 2001, U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft ordered the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to start releasing 23,4000 nationals who have completed sentences for criminal... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 World, United States Human Rights, Immigration
Oklahoma Governor Refuses Clemency Request for Mexican Death Row Inmate On July 20, 2001, Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating refused to stay the execution of a Mexican convicted of murder who at the time of his arrest, trial and appeal was not advised of his right under the... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States, Mexico Human Rights, Capital Punishment
EU Files Amicus Curiae Brief in U.S. Death Penalty Case Involving Retarded Person For the second time ever the European Union has filed an amicus curiae brief in a case involving the proposed execution of a retarded person, thereby escalating the issue of whether the U.S.... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States, Europe Human Rights, Capital Punishment
French Investigating Judge Transfers Torture Case to Trial Court On May 28, 2001, the investigating judge at court of first instance (Tribunal de Grande Instance) of Montpellier issued an order to transfer the case of Ely Ould Dha to the Assize Court. Ely Ould Dha... Tom Scheirs 17 9 2001-09-01 France, Mauritania Human Rights
Global Forum Held, U.S. Releases Annual Report and Issues Indictment, and British Moves on Proposed Legislation A number of important developments in actions against transnational bribery have occurred, including the holding of the Global Forum in Amsterdam, the release of the third annual U.S. report on the... Naureen Malik and Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 World Corruption, Bribery
U.S. and Mexico Agree to Exchange Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officials On July 25, 2001, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that the U.S. and Mexico would start exchanging prosecutors and law enforcement officials to work in each other’s Attorney General’s... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States, Mexico Drugs & Trafficking, Mutual Legal Assistance
U.S. Hands Over U.S. Airman and Rape Suspect to Japan On July 5, 2001, the United States handed over U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Timothy B. Woodland, 24, to face rape charges, thereby temporarily ending a volatile dispute that threatened the continued... Bruce Zagaris 17 9 2001-09-01 United States, Japan Extradition, Immunity, Jurisdiction