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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Canadians Arrest Impersonator Wanted by 3 Countries On April 26, 2001, in Oak Bay on Vancouver Island, Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested Christophe Rocancourt, an alleged impersonator who is wanted by authorities in the United States,... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Canada, United States, France, Switzerland Extradition, Fraud
Quebec Plan of Action Proposes Much Criminal Cooperation The Final Declaration and Plan of Action resulting from the Quebec Summit of the Americas contain many proposals to enhance criminal cooperation in the Western Hemisphere. The Declaration of Quebec... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 World Mutual Legal Assistance
Japan and P.R.C. Agree to Cooperate on Stolen Cultural Property On April 17, 2001, the Miho Museum, a major new antiquities museum near Kyoto, announced that it would return one of its masterpieces, a rare Buddhist statue from the People’s Republic of China (P.R.... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 China, Japan Art and Cultural Property
Jamaica and Barbados Take Steps To Join International Criminal Conventions The Jamaican and Barbados Governments have taken steps to join two Organization of American States criminal cooperation conventions. On March 30, 2001, Jamaica become the 22nd country in the... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Barbados, Jamaica Corruption, Arms Trafficking, International Courts
Peru Officials Meet with Venezuela Over Montesinos Search On April 13, 2001, the media reported that Peruvian Interior Minister Antonio Ketin Vidal met with senior Venezuelan law enforcement officials in Caracas in an effort to obtain strengthened help in... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Peru, Venezuela Money Laundering, Arms Trafficking
ICTY Convicts Three for Rape and Enslavement as Crime Against Humanity On February 22, 2001, the ICTY delivered its judgement in the Foca rape case. The judgement is of historic importance since it is the first time ever rape and enslavement were withheld as crimes... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 Balkans Human Rights, War Crimes
Scotland Yard to Open Investigation Against Saddam Hussein In the course of the month of April 2001, Lord Williams, the British Attorney General has asked Scotland Yard to start an investigation against Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi President and his Minister of... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 United Kingdom, Iraq War Crimes
Yugsolav Government Delivers ICTY Indictment to Milosevic On May 3, 2001, the Yugoslav Government delivered to Slobodan Milosevic an arrest warrant and a list of war crimes charges against him after the International Tribunal for War Crimes in the Former... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 Balkans Corruption, War Crimes
ICTY Renders Judgement in Kordic and Cerkez Case On February 26, 2001, the ICTY sentenced Dario Kordic and Mario Cerkez to 25 and 15 years of imprisonment respectively. The accused were found guilty of having committed crimes against humanity,... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 Balkans Human Rights, War Crimes
U.N. Hires Private Investigator to Help Enforce Economic Sanctions The United Nations has decided to hire Kroll Associations to uncover the financial network on which Unita rebels rely to support a protracted war against the Angola Government. The U.N. will pay... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Africa Economic Sanctions, United Nations
Swiss Release Borodin As Prosecution Difficulties Mount On April 12, 2001, a Swiss three-judge panel released Pavel P. Borodin on $2.9 million bail and indicated their skepticism of the evidence against him. Chief Judge Martine Heyer, the head of the... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Switzerland, Russia Money Laundering, Corruption
UK Starts Criminal Laundering Investigations against Lawyers for Top Law Firms The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has announced investigations of six lawyers linked to six of Britain’s top law firms, indicating that it is enforcing the gatekeepers’ initiative. Already the SFO has... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 United Kingdom Mutual Legal Assistance, Fraud
U.N. Imposes Sanctions on Liberia for Non-Compliance with Sierra Leone Resolution On May 4, 2001, the United Nations Security Council, which met in closed consultations on Liberia, considered the Secretary-General’s report on Liberia, and imposed sanctions on Liberia, effective... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Liberia, Sierra Leone Economic Sanctions, United Nations
Mexico Extradites to U.S. Alleged Lieutenant of Tijuana Cartel On May 4, 2001, Mexico extradited an alleged lieutenant in the Arellano Felix drug cartel just as Mexican President Vicente Fox was making his initial visit to the U.S. The extradition of Arturo “... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking
Bush Administration Ponders Position Towards International Criminal As the Bush Administration continues to develop its foreign and criminal policy teams and articulate its policies, it will be forced to grapple with the emerging of the International Criminal Court... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 United States International Courts
Spanish Court Denies Extradition of Gusinsky to Russia On April 18, 2001, a Spanish court denied extradition of exiled media magnate Valdimir Gusinsky to Russia because of “peculiarities” in the extradition request. By a verdict of two to one, three... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Spain, Russia Extradition
WMD Terrorism and International Enforcement The Symposium on Cooperation and Legal Assistance for the Effective Implementation of International Agreements, convened in February by the Legal Division of the Organization for the Prohibition of... Barry Kellman 17 6 2001-06-01 World Terrorism
Miami Immigration Official Identifies Alleged French Murder Suspect On April 16, 2001, detectives in France expressed “cautious elation” that DNA samples from a Spanish suspect held in Florida were a close match for samples found at the scene of a July 1996 murder of... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 United States, France, United Kingdom Murder, Mutual Legal Assistance
U.S. Appellate Court Holds Consular Treaty Gives No Exclusionary Rights to Defendants On February 26, 2001, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held that a foreign national defendant in a criminal case cannot invoke the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 United States Counterfeiting
EU Council Adopts Initiative on Execution of Orders Freezing Assets or Evidence On March 7, 2001, the Council of the European Union adopted a framework decision, whereby members of the European Union will be obligated to give judicial assistance in mutually recognizing orders... Bruce Zagaris 17 6 2001-06-01 Europe European Union, Mutual Legal Assistance