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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
European Parliament Approves Establishment of Provisional Judicial Cooperation Unit On November 14, 2000, the European Parliament approved an initiative to adopt a decision of the Council of the European Union to establish a Provisional Judicial Cooperation Unit, subject to its... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Europe European Union, Mutual Legal Assistance
Canada Denies Release to Alleged Smuggler Awaiting Deportation Proceedings On December 29, 2000, the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board denied for the third time since his arrest on immigration charges in November release for Lai Changxing and his wife, Tsang Mingna.... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Canada, China Human Trafficking, Immigration
U.S. Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control Recommends More Due Process On December 4, 2000, the Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control issued a report to Congress pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (“Kingpin Act”) recommending greater... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States Economic Sanctions, Asset Forfeiture
UN Report Links Liberian President with Illicit Diamond Trade and Rebels in Sierra Leone while UN Peacekeeping Forces Struggle to Keep Order On January 5, 2001 the Security Council encouraged all Member States to enforce the embargo of illicit diamonds from Sierra Leone following a UN report exposing widespread violations of the embargo... Sashi Selvendran 17 2 2001-02-01 World, Sierra Leone Economic Sanctions, United Nations
U.S. Signs ICC On Final Day for Signing On December 31, 2000, President William J. Clinton authorized the signing of the Rome Treaty on the International Criminal Court (ICC), joining more than 130 countries, thereby injecting substantial... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States International Courts
US FinCEN Calls for Increased International Enforcement Work On September 30, 2000, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, U.S. Department of Treasury, issued its Strategic Plan 2000-2005 that calls for enhanced efforts to combat international money... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 World, United States Money Laundering
U.N. Security Council Passes Resolution to Increase War Crimes Appellate Judges as Chief Prosecutor Calls for Better Cooperation and Bosnian Serb Ex-President Surrenders At the end of the 1999, the United Nations Security Council adopted a Resolution to increase the number of appellate judges for the war crimes tribunal, and the war crimes prosecutor accused two... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Africa, Balkans Law of War, United Nations
GAO Report on Russian-U.S. Money Laundering Fuels Calls for Strengthening U.S. Anti-Money Laundering Laws In a report released October 31, 2000, the U.S. General Accounting Office has indicated the ease with which Russian entities form Delaware corporations to open bank accounts in the U.S. that are used... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States, Russia Money Laundering
The Special Court for Sierra Leone: A New Type of Regional Criminal Court for the International Community? Since the end of World War II, the international community has known two different types of international criminal courts trying the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and humanitarian... Konstantinos D. Magliveras 17 2 2001-02-01 Sierra Leone Law of War, United Nations, International Courts
U.S. Suspicious Activities Report Discloses International Trends In October 2000, the Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group, a joint government-private sector group, published for the first time the Suspicious Activities Report (SAR) Review: Trends Tips & Issues.... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy
Cambodian House Agrees to Establish a War Crimes Tribunal On January 1, 2001, the Cambodian National Assembly agreed to establish a tribunal to try former Khmer Rouge leaders, a major step in the U.N.-lead efforts to bring to trial persons in the Maoist... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Cambodia War Crimes
U.S. Multiagency Investigation Succeeds in Disrupting Mexican Drug Cartel On December 14, 2000, in a press conference in Washington, D.C. the U.S. Government announced the arrest of over fifty individuals in ten cities as the result of “Operation Impunity II,” a national... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States, Mexico, Colombia Drugs & Trafficking
U.S. Closes Hemispheric Military Academy with Plans to Reopen for Training of Law Enforcement Officials On December 15, 2000, U.S. Army Secretary Louis Caldera at a ceremony closed the School of Americas, the Army’s controversial school for Latin American military with promises to reopen under a... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States, Latin America and South America Human Rights
Consultations in Barbados on OECD Harmful Tax Competition Initiative Yield Progress On January 8-9, 2001, the high level consultations on the OECD’s harmful tax competition (HTC) initiative resulted in progress for all sides. The targeted countries and the Commonwealth Secretariat... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Barbados International Organizations, Taxation
SEC and IBM Settle Argentine Bribery Case On December 21, 2000, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that the International Business Machines Corp. has agreed to pay $300,000 to settle charges related to allegations that... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States, Argentina Corruption, Securities Law, Bribery
Spain Arrests Gusinsky on Russian Fraud Charge, But Moscow Court Dismisses and then Reinstates Charges On December 10, 2000, Spanish police arrested Validimir Gusinsky, a Russian media magnate, on an international arrest warrant issued by the Russian prosecutor general’s office on charges of fraud... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Spain, Russia Extradition
ICJ Denies Provisional Relief to Congo in Belgian Arrest Warrant against Foreign Minister On December 8, 2000, the International Court of Justice by a vote of fifteen to two rejected the Republic of Congo’s request for indication of provisional measures while explaining its decision did... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Belgium, Congo Extradition, United Nations
Mexico Arrests Individual on U.S. Extradition for Homicide On November 29, 2000, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office announced that the Federal Judicial Police agents assigned to the national Central Office Interpol Mexico served the provisional arrest... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Murder
Former Mexico City Mayor and Key PRI Official on Extradition Request On December 12, 2000, a Nicaraguan judge ordered the arrest and pre-trial detention of Oscar Espinosa, the former mayor of Mexico City, who has applied for political asylum in Mexico while he battles... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 Mexico, Nicaragua Extradition, Fraud
UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime Gains 124 Signatures on Opening On December 15, 2000, 124 countries had signed the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime during a four-day high-level signing conference in Palermo, Italy. 80 additional... Bruce Zagaris 17 2 2001-02-01 World United Nations, Organized Crime