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Work on International Conventions Continues(IXA) Work on the principal conventions against transnational bribery, those of the OECD, the Organization of American States, and the Council of Europe, is continuing. Signatory countries are working to... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 World Bribery
Senate Foreign Relations Urged to Ratify Inter-American Convention Against Corruption (IXB) On May 2, 2000, all four persons testified in support of U.S. ratification of and leadership in the implementation of the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption. Alan Larson, Under Secretary... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 United States Corruption, Bribery
G-7 Endorses International Money Laundering and Tax Enforcement Efforts of International Organizations (XA) On April 15, 2000, at the conclusion of its meetings in Washington, Finance Ministers of the G-7 countries, the Central Bank Governors of Canada, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 World International Organizations
Rwandan President Accused of Crimes Against Humanity (XIA) On 30th March 2000, Bernard Ntuyahaga brought a complaint against Rwandan president ad interim Paul Kagame before a Belgian investigating magistrate. The 38-page complaint contains allegations of... Tom L.W. Scheirs 16 6 2000-06-01 Belgium, Rwanda Human Rights, Terrorism
Antigua Agrees to Measures of UN Offshore Forum and Urges Removal of Warnings (IA) On April 17, 2000, the media announced that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda had signed an anti-money laundering agreement with the United Nations that requires it to implement various standards... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 United States, United Kingdom, Antigua & Barbuda Money Laundering, Fraud
Rwanda Tribunal (XIB) On March 24, 2000, Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, a 76-year-old former Pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Mugonero, Kibuye Prefecture, was transferred to the UN Detention Facility in Arusha. On... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 Rwanda Law of War, Genocide
European Parliament Approves Decision on Anti-Money Laundering On April 12, 2000, the European Parliament approved legislation in the form of a decision to strengthen the 1991 EU directive on anti-money laundering. The European Parliament adopted a dozen... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 Europe Money Laundering
War Crimes of the Former Yugoslav (XIC) On April 14, 2000, the Croatian Parliament passed a declaration, promising that Croatia will cooperate fully with the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 Balkans United Nations, War Crimes
U.S. and El Salvador Conclude Agreement for Airbase for Anti-Narcotics Flights (IIA) On March 31, 2000, Steve Lucas, spokesman for the U.S. military’s Miami-based Southern Command, announced the U.S. Department of State and the Salvadoran Government concluded an agreement, allowing... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 United States, El Salvador Drugs & Trafficking
Christies Auctions Relics Over PRC Government’s Objections (XIIA) On April 30, 2000, Christie’s auctioned two relics despite protests from the People’s Republic of China that the relics had been looted from an imperial palace 140 years ago. The controversy gives... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 China Art and Cultural Property
OECD Delays Sanctions for One Year, But Plans to Issue Report On Schedule On April 24, 2000, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) announced in applying its harmful tax competition initiative that it would defer for one year sanctions it... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 World Economic Sanctions, Taxation
Britain Orders Extradition of 2 Egyptians to the U.S. on Bombing of U.S. Embassies (XIIIA) On May 2, 2000, a British court ordered the extradition of Ibrahim Hussein Abdelhadi Eidarous and Adel Mohammed Abdul Almagid Barry to the U.S. where they are wanted in murder conspiracy charges in... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 United States, United Kingdom, Egypt Extradition, Terrorism
OECD Report on Improving Access to Bank Information For Tax Purposes (IIIB) The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently issued a report entitled Improving Access to Bank Information for Tax Purposes. The report is 116 pages in length; and the... Charles M. Bruce 16 6 2000-06-01 World Taxation
Trinidad Police Conduct Software Piracy Raid after Help from NGO (XIVA) On April 16, 2000, the Trinidad and Tobago police reported conducting two raids against suspected computer pirates early during the week as a result of a tip off from the recently established local... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 Trinidad & Tobago Intellectual Property
Israel Holds That 19-Year Old Israeli Can Be Extradited to Canada for Murder (IVA) On April 10, 2000, an Israeli court ruled that Daniel Weiz, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier, can be extradited to Canada on murder charges. Mr. Weiz is charged, along with two Canadian teenagers, for... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 Canada, Israel Extradition, Murder
Books (XVA) The Prosecutor of a Permanent International Criminal Court ( Louise Arbour/Albin Eser/Kai Ambos/Andrew Sanders,eds.), International Workshop in co-operation with the Office of the Prosecutor the... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 World Bibliography
Swiss and Luxembourg Freeze More Nigerian (Abacha) Assets (VA) On May 8, 2000, the media reported Swiss investigators have found and frozen $630 million in Luxembourg bank accounts connected with the sons of Sani Abacha, former Nigerian head of state.... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 Switzerland, Luxembourg Asset Forfeiture
Articles (XVB) 1. Theft of Cultural Property M. Lippman, Art and Ideology in the Third Reich: The Protection of Cultural Property and the Humanitarian Law of War, 17 Dick. J. Int’l L. 1-97 (1998). M.I. Turner,... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 World Bibliography
U.S. Urges Governments to Support Immunity Proposal (VIA) U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has sent a letter to Foreign Ministers in about 60 countries, urging support for the U.S. proposal for the proposed International Criminal Court (ICC). The... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 World, United States International Courts
Documents (XVC) 1. Environment General Accounting Office, U.S.-Mexico Border: Despite Some Progress, Environmental Infrastructure Challenges Remain, GAO/NSIAD-00-26, Mar. 3, 2000, 63 pp. 2. Human Rights U.K. Bow... Bruce Zagaris 16 6 2000-06-01 World Bibliography