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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Venezuela Presses Four Countries to Extradite Fifty Fugitive Bankers According to a report from the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, the Venezuelan Government has requested Britain, Israel, Spain, and the United States to extradite fifty bankers for a 1994 banking... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Venezuela Extradition
EU Agrees on Common Indictment for Participation in a Criminal Organization On March 19, 1998, under the chairmanship of British Home Secretary Jack Straw, the European Union's Justice/Home Affairs Council adopted the common action related to indictment for participation in... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 European Union Mutual Legal Assistance
U.S. Appellate Court Affirms Dismissal of Case Against Theft of Cultural Property On April 13, 1998, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of the prosecution of two Texans and their lawyer on charges that they trafficked in stolen cultural property... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 United States Cultural Property
Commonwealth of Virginia Executes Paraguayan Despite ICJ Plea On April 14, 1998, the Commonwealth of Virginia execyted Angel Francisco Breard, a Paraguayan national, for murder despite a plea from the International Court of Justice and from Secretary of State... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 United States International Criminal Court
U.S. Indicts 16 for Forcing Illegal Aliens Into Prostitution and Establishes Task Force to Prosecute Slavery and Worker Exploitation On April 23, 1998, the U.S. Attorney in Miami released a 52-count indictment brought by a grand jury in Fort Pierce, Florida, against sixteen persons, charging them with operating a prostitution ring... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 United States Sex Crimes
U.S. Grants Czech Extradition Request for False Export Control on Machine Guns On February 18, 1998, U.S. Magistrate Theodore H. Katz, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, denied defendant Rafael Eduardo Pineda Lara's motion to dismiss the extradition... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 United States Extradition
Ex-Leader Pleads Guilty to Rwanda Genocide Before International Tribunal On May 1, 1998, in the most sensational development in the contemporart operation of the War Crimes Tribunals, Jean Kambanda, a former Rwanda Prime Minister, pleaded guilty to genocide charges before... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Rwanda Genocide
Argentina Arrests Sakic in Response to Croatia's Extradition Request On April 30, 1998, the Argentine police arrested Dinko Sakic, 76, one of the most important living persons accused of war crimes from World War II, in response to a request from the Croatian... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Argentina Extradition
U.S. and EU Implement Plans to Stop Firearms Exports On April 22, 1998, the Clinton Administration notified the British Government that it was revoking all pending licenses for the export of firearms to British companies as a first step to stop the... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 European Union Export Enforcement
U.S. Sting Results in Indictments of Three Mexican Banks and Apology from Clinton On May 18, 1998, the culmination of a three-year sting operation resulted in a grand jury indictment against 160 people, including three Mexican banks and twenty-two Mexican bankers for laundering... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Mexico Money Laundering
OECD Agrees to Series of Steps to Increase International Tax Enforcement The OECD Ministers have agreed on a series of steps to strenghten international tax enforcement, especially against so-called tax havens. Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Europe Tax Enforcement
The New Money Laundering Regime: Bermuda's "Know Your Client" Culture Affirmed "The Proceeds of Crime Act 1997" (the "Act") received the assent of the Governor on 19 December, 1997, and came into operation in Bermuda on 19 January, 1998. Monica J. Jones and Michael J. Burns 14 5 1998-06-01 Bermuda Money Laundering
Revenue Canada Increases International Tax Enforcement of Electronic Commerce On April 30, 1998, Canadian National Revenue Minister Herb Dhaliwal announced that Revenue Canada will adjust its policies to protect against the erosion of tax revenues through the increasing use of... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Canada Tax Enforcement
Advance Fee Loan Fraud Using Antiguan Banks Broken On May 7, 1998, U.S. law enforcement officials announced an indictment involving a ring of international fraud and money laundering, in which many victims were defrauded out of at least $60 million.  Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Antigua & Barbuda Fraud
U.S. Refuses to Initiate Extradition Proceeding on Argentine Bribery Prosecution of IBM Officials On May 2, 1998, the Argentine media reported that the U.S. has required proof that a crime was committed before its sends four IBM PC Co. employees to Argentina to testify in a bribery case against... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 United States Extradition
FATF Agrees to Expand Worldwide Anti-Laundering Network On April 28, 1998, at the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) first ministerial meeting since 1990, the FATF decided to strengthen its activities and the "worldwide anti money-laundering network." Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 World Money Laundering
Clinton Administration Submits OECD Transnational Corruption Legislation and Implementing Legislation for Ratification On May 1, 1998, President Bill Clinton sent to the Senate for its approval the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 United States Corruption
G-8 Leaders Promise Action Against Transnational Criminals On May 17, 1998, the final communiqué issued by the G-8 Heads of State in Birmingham, United Kingdom, contains several initiatives against transnational crime. Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 World Criminal Procedure/Proceedings
IMF Anti-Corruption Rules On April 21, 1998, Christian Walser, Legal Adviser For Procurement, World Bank, discussed the "New World Bank Rules to Fight Fraud and Corruption in World Bank Financed Contracts."  Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 World Corruption
Swiss Federal Tribunal Issues Ruling on Salinas Bribes During the third week of April 1998, the Swiss Federal Tribunal in Lausanne, Switzerland's highest court, issued a procedural ruling that has negative implications for the Raul Salinas funds, which... Bruce Zagaris 14 5 1998-06-01 Switzerland Bribery