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Bibliography of Documents 1. Taxation Gibbs International v. Internal Revenue Service, ___ F.3d ___ (4th Cir. 1997), 80 ATR2d Para.97-5536. No. 96-2790). (A U.S. appellate court upheld the lower court decision that the IRS... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 World Bibliography
St. Vincent Deports Two German Nationals on Fraud Charges On January 12, 1998, the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines deported Michel Wieland and his fifteen-year-old lover, Manuela, to Germany, where Wieland is wanted on fraud charges... [more] Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Germany, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Extradition, Fraud, Deportation
AIDP Colloquium on Organized Crime and International Cooperation On May 13-17, 1998, a preparatory Colloquium of the Association International de Droit Penal (AIDP) on Organized Crime and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters will be organized in Utrecht,... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 World Organized Crime, Conferences, International Cooperation
U.S. and Canada Plan Cooperation to Combat Telemarketing Fraud On November 20, 1997, in the wake of a decision by a Canadian appellate court that denied the U.S. extradition request for Canadian defendants in telemarketing cases, the U.S.-Canada Working Group on... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Canada, United States Extradition, Fraud, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement
Crime Across the World: Is the Rule of Law Being Corrupted? On May 22-25, 1998, the Section on General Practice, International Bar Association, is hosting the fourth seminar on the Alleged Transnational Criminal, in Vienna, Austria. Investigators,... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 World Conferences, Crimes
Criminal Law Reform in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: The Challenges of Transnational Organized Crime in a Global Society On January 13, 1998, the program, hosted by the International Law Society of the National Law Center, George Washington University, was taped by Voice of America. The program discussed problems of... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 United States, Former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe Administration of Justice, Organized Crime, International Criminal and Comparative Law, International Cooperation
Balancing the Protection of Human Rights with the Needs of Law Enforcement On August 24-28, 1998, the Commonwealth Secretariat is hosting a conference, entitled Balancing the Protection of Human Rights with the Needs of Law Enforcement. The theme will be International... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 World Human Rights, Conferences, Law Enforcement
Panamanian Court Refuses Jurisdiction over National Acquitted of Murdering U.S. Soldier and Sought by U.S. Prosecutors At the end of December 1997, tensions were rising between the U.S. and Panamanian Governments over the apparent efforts of U.S. prosecutors to gain custody over Pedro Miguel Gonzalez, son of the... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 United States, Panama Human Rights, Jurisdiction, Murder
Spanish Human Rights Investigations of Argentine and Chilean Atrocities under Pressure A letter from the Spanish attorney general to Spanish legislators requesting the suspension of two Spanish court investigations into the torture and killings of Spanish citizens during the "dirty... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Spain, Chile, Argentina Human Rights, War Crimes, Torture
Venezuela Moves Against Customs and Tax Corruption The Venezuelan Government has acted against customs officials accused of corruption, initiating action to suspend operating licenses of up to 600 out of 2,100 customs agents. The initiative is... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Venezuela Corruption, International Organizations, Tax Crimes, Customs
WTO Acts to Eliminate Bribery in Preshipment Inspections On December 22, 1997, the U.S. Trade Representative announced that the World Trade Organization has made a series of recommended actions concerning customs procedures, especially in preshipment... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 United States International Organizations, Bribery, Customs
Mexican Government Arrests Two U.S. Nationals for Arms Trafficking at the Request of U.S. Government On January 13, 1998, Mexican authorities, apparently acting at the behest of U.S. law enforcement officials, admitted having arrested two U.S. nationals for questioning in connection with the... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 United States, Mexico Arms Trafficking
European Union Justice and Home Affairs Meeting Produces Progress At the December 4-5, 1997, meeting of the European Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Ministers, progress was made on a wide range of matters, including the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Europe Human Trafficking, International Organizations, Terrorism, Drugs & Trafficking, Mutual Legal Assistance, Organized Crime, Customs
British Government Announces Intention to Use EU Presidency to Combat Football Hooliganism and Other International Crimes On December 29, 1997, the media reported that the British Government plans to use its imminent presidency of the European Union to lead action against football hooliganism in the period before next... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Europe, United Kingdom International Organizations, Immigration, Terrorism, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Enforcement of International Sports Law
Dutch Courts Competent to Try Yugoslav War Crimes The Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled in a decision of November 11th, 1997, that Dutch Courts (military chamber) are competent to try violations of international humanitarian law, wherever... André Klip 14 2 1998-02-01 Netherlands, Former Yugoslavia Human Rights, Law of War, War Crimes, Sex Crimes
Colombia Prosecutor Investigates Checks from Cali Drug Cartel On January 7, 1998, the international media reported the investigation by Colombian deputy attorney general Jaime Cordoba, whose office is reviewing 10,000 checks to establish links between drug... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Colombia Corruption, Bank Secrecy, Drugs & Trafficking
Texas Magistrate Denies Surrender to Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal On December 17, 1997, a Texas magistrate denied a surrender request by the Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal for the only person arrested on behalf of the Tribunal, thereby posing a major temporary setback... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 United States Law of War, United Nations, War Crimes, International Courts
Dominican Republican Connection Looms Large in Florida Money Laundering Connections On January 13, 1998, one of the biggest money-laundering trials in years in South Florida ended with the conviction of the head of a massive cocaine-trafficking network on 69 drug and laundering... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 United States, Dominican Republic Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking
U.S. Class Action Litigation Brought Against French Banks At the end of December 1997, French survivors of the Holocaust filed a class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court in New York against a group of banks that had operations in Vichy France during the... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 United States, France Law of War, Holocaust, Property Restitution
EU Establishes Mechanism to Evaluate Member Implementation of Measures to Combat Organized Crime On December 5, 1997, the Council Adopted a Joint Action under Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union (EU) to establish a mechanism for evaluating the application and implementation at the... Bruce Zagaris 14 2 1998-02-01 Europe Organized Crime, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement