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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geography Subject Areas
Argentine Judge Requests Extradition of IBM Employees Despite Lack of Criminal Charges A continuing battle between an Argentine federal judge and U.S. authorities is unfolding as the Argentine judge requested the extradition of two U.S.-based International Business Machines executives... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States, Argentina Extradition, Bribery
Bibliography of Books 1. Human Rights Amnesty International, United States of America Rights for All (1998). (This report reveals a persistent and widespread pattern of human rights violations in the U.S.A.) Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 World Bibliography
France Grants Bail to U.S. Fugitive Einhorn in New Extradition Case On September 29, 1998, a French court in Bordeaux, France ordered Ira Einhorn released on bail, pending a second U.S. extradition request with respect to Einhorn’s conviction in absentia in... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States, France Extradition
Bibliography of Articles 1. Adjective Enforcement and Evidence Gathering R.J. Currie, Peace and Public Order: International Mutual Legal Assistance "the Canadian Way," 7 Dalhousie J. Legal Stud. 91-124 (1998). Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 World Bibliography
U.S. Appellate Court Orders Production of Freedom of Information Act On October 6, 1998, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit overturned a district court decision and held that information underlying a requesting state’s extradition request must be produced... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States, United Kingdom Extradition
Bibliography of Book Reviews James Adams, Moonlighting, Book Review, Wash. Post, Sept. 27, 1998, at 28, col. 2 (reviewing Gary Webb, Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras and the Crack Cocaine Explosion and Alexander Cockburn and... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 World Bibliography, Book Review
European Judicial Network Agrees on New Cooperation in Its First Meeting On September 29, 1998, Nikolaus Michalek, Austrian Minister of Justice and President of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, opened in Brussels the constituent meeting of the European Judicial... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 Europe Teaching, Research, Adjective Assistance
Suit by Canadian against RCMP Results in Removal from Interpol List On September 15, 1998, the media announced that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) had reached a tentative agreement with Dan Kiselbach, Vancouver counsel for Ross McLellan, a Canadian... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 Canada Teaching, Research, Adjective Assistance
U.S. Senate Approves 39 Criminal Cooperation Treaties On October 21, 1998, the U.S. Senate voted to approve for ratification 39 treaties providing for international criminal cooperation, including 19 mutual assistance in criminal matters treaties (MLATs... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States Treaties, Teaching, Research, Adjective Assistance
Swiss Seize $90 Million and Mexican Government Seeks 50-Year Prison Term for Raúl Salinas On October 20, 1998, the Swiss Government announced the seizure of more than $90 million from Raúl Salinas de Gortari, a brother of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, as a result of an... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 Mexico, Switzerland Corruption, Asset Forfeiture
Initiative to Establish Enforcement Regime Against Transnational Corruption Progresses International organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and governments continue their efforts at constructing an alliance to establish an enforcement regime against transnational corruption... [... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 OECD Corruption, Law Enforcement
U.S. Congress Passes Bill to Combat Transnational Corruption On October 21, 1998, Congress passed legislation (S 2375) approving the OECD Convention on the Bribery of Foreign Public Officials. The law will amend the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) ,... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States Corruption, Bribery, Treaties
British Report on Channel Islands Offshore Will Require Publication of Companies’ Accounts In a prelude to one of many controversies over financial supervisory regulation and enforcement and fiscal integrity, a draft recommendation of a British Home Office report in financial regulation on... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United Kingdom Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy
EU Considers Initiative to Strengthen International Human Rights On October 9, 1998, a group of wise persons appealed to the European Union to strengthen its strategy and prioritization of international human rights, a plea that has important potential... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 Europe Human Rights, International Criminal and Comparative Law
U.S. Appellate Court Overturns Convictions of Offshore Sports Betting and Laundering On August 24, 1998, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit unanimously overturned the convictions of four persons convicted of multiple counts for their involvement in a gambling operation,... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Betting
British Arrest of Pinochet on Spanish Court’s Request for Human Rights Puts Spot Light on Immunities On October 16, 1998, the British police arrested and held Gen. Augusto Pinochet on behalf of the Spanish Government who request his extradition in connection with investigations by two Spanish judges... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United Kingdom, Spain Extradition, Human Trafficking, Immunity, International Criminal and Comparative Law
U.S. Federal Reserve Will Issue New “Know Your Customer” Regulations On October 2, 1998, the Federal Reserve Board approved draft regulations on “know your customer” that will require a higher level of due diligence for banks. Meanwhile, on October 16, 1998, the... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy
ICC Commercial Crime Services and Interpol Agree to Cooperate against Cybercrime On September 24, 1998, Eric Ellen, director of the Commercial Crime Center of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) announced that it was establishing a new special unit to combat cybercrime... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 World Cybercrime, International Organizations
U.S. Announces Indictment and Seeks Custody of Mexican Cartel Leader On October 7, 1998, U.S. officials announced the indictment for drug and money laundering crimes against the alleged Juàrez cartel leader Vincente Carrillo Fuentes, the brother of the late Amado... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States, Mexico Money Laundering, Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking
Efforts to Investigate and Prosecute Perpetrators of U.S. Embassy Bombings Ensue In the third month since the August 7, 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the efforts of the U.S. and other governments to investigate and prosecute the alleged perpetrators... Bruce Zagaris 14 11 1998-11-01 United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Afghanistan Terrorism, Law Enforcement