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Title Abstract Authorsort ascending Volume Issue Date Published Geography Subject Areas
U.S. Senate Considers Ratification of 38 U.S. Criminal Cooperation Treaties On September 15, 1998, the Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate, held a hearing on 38 proposed treaties for international cooperation. The treaties fall into three categories... [more] Bruce Zagaris and Danielle Barranca 14 10 1998-10-01 United States Extradition, Treaties, Teaching, Research, Adjective Assistance
Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal On August 24, 1998, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia was reported to be increasing its investigations of war crimes in the Serbian province of Kosovo... [more] Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 Former Yugoslavia Law of War, War Crimes, International Courts, Sex Crimes
U.N. Will Consider Permanent International Criminal Court From October 21-23, 1998, the U.N. Sixth (Legal) Committee will be considering the agenda item 155 "establishment of an international criminal court" at the U.N. Headquarters. The Sixth Committee... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 World International Courts
Interpol Red Notices The International Enforcement Law Reporter frequently reports the arrests and extradition of individuals sought through Interpol channels. But before Interpol agents (in fact, officials assigned to... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 World Extradition, International Organizations, International Cooperation
14 Countries Raid Internet Child Pornography Ring On September 2, 1998, law enforcement officials in fourteen countries, including the United States, raided nearly 200 suspected members of an Internet child pornography ring characterized by... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 World Cybercrime, Sex Crimes, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement
Report on Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Enforcement A report on Swiss money laundering indicates the suspicious transaction reports are increasing and leading to increasing number of prosecutions and civil actions since the reporting requirement took... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 Switzerland Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Law Enforcement
France Rearrests U.S. Murder Suspect Tried in Absentia On September 20, 1998, the French Government rearrested Ira Einhorn, a U.S. national, under a new extradition warrant for the 1977 murder of a Texas woman. According to a news report, Einhorn will... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, France Extradition, Murder
Mexico-U.S. Extradition Issues Are Reignited A series of incidents have sparked controversy between the U.S. and Mexico over extradition. Despite controversies, the new developments indicate many successful extradition cases and surrenders... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Mexico Money Laundering, Extradition, Murder, Drugs & Trafficking
Israeli Judge Finds Sheinbein Extraditable to U.S. Despite his Israeli Nationality On September 6, 1998, Judge Moshe Ravid of Jerusalem District Court ruled that Samuel Sheinbein, the Maryland teenager charged with killing and dismembering Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr., another... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Israel Extradition, Murder
U.S. Court Stays Extradition of Alleged Basque Terrorist to Spain On August 28, 1998, U.S. District Court Judge James Lawrence King issued an order staying for thirty days the extradition order for lack of evidence the request to extradite Ramon Aldasoro, 41, for... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Spain Extradition, Terrorism
U.S. Indicts 7 Cuban Exiles for Attempted Murder of Fidel Castro On August 25, 1998, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Juan, Puerto Rico unveiled an indictment against seven Cuban exiles who allegedly planned to kill Cuban President Fidel Castro when he visited... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Cuba Terrorism, Murder
French Arrest Alleged Terrorist Wanted for 1975 Kidnapping of OPEC Oil Ministers On September 8, 1998, the French policy, acting on an old warrant from German authorities, arrested and are holding for potential extradition Hans-Joachim Klein, who is wanted by German and Austrian... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 France, Germany, Austria, OECD Extradition, Terrorism, Kidnaping
U.S. Makes Counterterrorism Initiatives In the aftermath of the bombings of its Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya and threats against other embassies, the U.S. executive and legislative branches have launched counterterrorism initiatives... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States Terrorism
Law Enforcement Cooperation Against African Bombing Continues Significant law enforcement operations continue to gather evidence about and arrest persons involved in the August 7, 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies. On August 28, 1998, Mohammed Saddiq Odeh,... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Uganda, Kenya, tanzania Terrorism, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement
Sudan Starts Own Probe of Factory Bombed by US After UN Refuses to Investigate On September 2, 1998, the media announced that Sudan’s Government is starting its own investigation of the ownership of a pharmaceutical factory in Khartoum, which was destroyed in a U.S. missile... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Sudan Terrorism, United Nations
Children of Bomb Victim Sues Osama bin Laden On September 8, 1998, the three children of James Harry Allen, a U.S. citizen killed in the November 1995 terrorist car-bomb attack in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, filed the first U.S. federal suit against... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Saudi Arabia Terrorism
Initiative to Establish Enforcement Regime Against Transnational Corruption Progresses International organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and governments continue their efforts in constructing an alliance to establish an enforcement regime against transnational corruption... [... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 OECD Corruption, Law Enforcement
Maritime Groups Urge PRC to Rectify Apparent State Piracy On August 24, 1998, the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) urged the People’s Republic of China to... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 China International Organizations, Maritime, Law Enforcement, Piracy
U.S. Undercover Sting Operation Nets Major Traffickers of Endangered Species On September 14, 1998, the United States and Mexico achieved success when Mexico arrested Keng Liang “Anson” Wong, 40, a Malaysian businessman first indicted in the U.S. in 1992 for smuggling iguanas... Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Mexico Environment, Law Enforcement, Wildlife Smuggle
Belgian Government Tightens Passport Issuance to Curtail Fraud After Other Governments Warn About Passport’s Loss of Credibility The Belgian Government has taken steps to centralize the issuance of its passports to stem the large increase in incidences of fraud and theft... [more] Bruce Zagaris 14 10 1998-10-01 United States, Belgium Immigration, Fraud